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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Some Random Statistics

So, once in a while, I like to crunch some numbers, run some stats, see how things line up. I partially put some stock in solid numbers, but there can also be a huge amount of variance. I've had Google Analytics installed on my site for a while, though, so I have a bit of (anonymous) data from website visitors. I figured I'd run a few numbers out there so you can see.

Top Web Browsers
A solid 50% of you use Firefox, and 27% use Google Chrome, based on the past month of visits. Internet Explorer registers 18% of visits.

Top Countries
The United States of America gives the blog 59% of its visits, and Canada scores 18% of blog traffic. (Would that be the Chatty DM, by any chance?) Coming in third is the United Kingdom, with 5% of blog traffic. It's really cool to see the international aspect of blogging, with hits also coming from countries like Sweden, Malaysia, and Spain. I never realized blogging could be like this.

Operating Systems
It appears we have a HUGE contingent of Windows users, clocking in at 83%. 10% of blog readers are Apple users, and a healthy 5% embrace the Linux community.

Referring Sites
A number of visitors come to the blog from various links on the internet. 12% of this blog's traffic is from Myth-Weavers, an online community for play-by-post roleplaying games. 6% of site traffic comes from the Burning Wheel forums; Burning Wheel is an indie RPG that formed the basis for the Mouse Guard RPG. Finally, the Giant In the Playground forums, famed for the webcomic The Order of the Stick, form 5% of blog traffic.

Maybe you find this interesting, maybe you don't...but it seemed like an interesting diversion.

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