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Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Quick Bloggage Browse

So, I figured that I would fire off a quick note, to showcase something cool I found.

Summerland RPG Review

So I'm reading my blogs, and lo and behold I'm reading Gaming Brouhaha, and I happen upon the review of a really cool little independent RPG. The basic premise has an incredibly strong feel of Faerie to it: a mysterious forest springs up out of nowhere, covering the world, and gives out a mysterious Call to people. Most succumb, vanishing into the forest, while a few are either hardened by a trauma in their history or manage to survive where the Call is weak. There are also fantastical beasts, savage humans a la the Reavers of Firefly...and the rest is silence.

That's another major thing that grabbed me about it. There's a huge amount of freedom in the setting. Beyond the major details, everything else can be filled in. This is quite the beautiful setup, and could allow for some incredibly crazy stories.

Not to mention, I really like the sound of the core mechanic, as well. It sets up your ability to succeed and the difficulty of the task in two different fields, instead of simply being a stack of plus and minus modifiers.

So, hop on over there and check it out, I'm probably going to put an order in for it.

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