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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

From the Dwarf's Mouth

Well, the other night, I actually had the opportunity to talk a little RPG in person with the guy playing Hrothgar, the party dwarf of Misery's Company (thanks to the group's DM, I now have a catchy name for the party). So, we get to hear from another Jason, the one playing the dwarf. Don't mix them up.


Let's talk about Hrothgar the Dwarf. In a nutshell, who is this guy?
In a nutshell, he's a dwarven character who is concerned with the degradation of this place; it's part of an empire which is nearing the verge of collapse, from his perspective. He's a traditionalist in dwarven matters; your atypical dwarf (as far as D&D goes). Not very fond of elves, looks at humans and takes them as he sees them, he's never met a halfling, and hasn't met too many other races. He's very stubborn, holds to his oaths, doesn't give his word lightly, and is currently forced to work with people he's not sure about. He's obsessively dedicated to his family.

Seeing as he's a dwarf, what's fun about playing one?
I get to irritate people. They take a person like that at face value, and don't take a look at who they are on the inside. Most people go "Oh, he's just a dwarf" and don't try to see past that. His character does tend to be a bit standoffish with some of the other characters and their ideologies, and like the mountains he doesn't move; he respects the ability of others, and he respects those who try to see him for who he really is, despite his hardened exterior.

What's one of Hrothgar's favorite things to do?
He likes to play the flute, and he makes jewelry for his children. He likes to use woodworking within his jewelry instead of actual metals. He does use some semi-precious gemstones, and each of his pieces ofjewelry, he puts a lot of love into them.

What does Hrothgar think of the other party members?
Well, he knows Zephyr, and kinda thinks of Zephyr almost as a really close friend. He doesn't trust Jorin all that much, but he's trying to give Jorin the benefit of the doubt, because he's proved himself. He thinks of Aer more like a daughter. He's not sure what to think about Hestia.

Are there any particular moments that stand out in Hrothgar's history?
When he killed a Beholder, and took its eyestalk, and was basically waving it at the General when he rescued a bunch of guys (and saving a bunch of hurt party members), although he got in trouble for doing so.

One night, the party had bedded down for the night, and as Hrothgar was getting ready to go to bed, Hrothgar had gotten out his flute to play, and was playing a very haunting tune. Then, he was basically dearmored and disrobed, and he had nightmares. He was woken up by a piercing scream from two of the party members, both female. He immediately grabbed a hammer and ran out, not realizing that not only was he not wearing his armor, but also most of his clothing was missing--meaning, all of it. He took five arrows, three to the chest, one in the arm, one in the backside, was near death on several occasions, and he still killed people.

If I recall correctly, you've been around this roleplaying thing a while. What's your roleplaying history?
First time I played was when I was twelve years old, that was when 2nd Edition was new. I also played a multitude of other roleplaying games, tabletop wargames, and also worked with Games Workshop for about a year and a half. I'm rather fond of the fantasy games. I'm rather fond of creating my own minis, modeling and painting them.

You mentioned you'd played a lot of these games...what have you played?
D&D 2nd Edition, Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, Heroquest, Inferno: Battles of the Abyss, Planescape, Space Hulk, Necromunda, Battlefleet Gothic, Star Trek: The Roleplaying Game, Warhammer Ancients, etc., etc.

What's the one big piece of advice that you would give to new roleplayers?
Have fun, don't worry about the rules as much: use them more as a guideline than as a rule, and don't be a frickin' rules lawyer. The game is designed for fun, and if you don't have fun, you shouldn't be playing.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another Interview!

Time for yet another interview! It's the infernal pact human warlock Jorin, and his human player Jason...so things take a turn for the darker...


Who is Jorin, and what is it that distinguishes him, makes him unique?
Jorin is a character I have had in my head ever since I first read how Warlock works in D&D 4E. As a infernal pact warlock, I wanted more then just the nuts'n'bolts of tossing hellfire at my unsuspecting enemies (although that is fun too) I wanted an intense background filled with drama, suspense and all that good stuff. So I really play up my pact, I hope as our game goes along we can explore some of the more darker tones of my background, real fire and brimstone stuff. When ever I make a character I try to put a little of myself into them, to make them more believable and to allow myself to relate. In Jorin I see a lot of my determination, struggles in being who he is and his overwhelming desire to continue on despite his condition. As you can guess, I put a lot thought into my characters. Not saying my fellow player don't, but unlike them I myself am usually the storyteller in the group and as a storyteller I want my character to be as fully developed as possible so that my current storyteller can have fun picking at my background and creating plot devices. Oh how we storytellers love plot devices!

In a game filled with crazy races like shifters, changelings, and tieflings, you're playing a human. What is it like to play a human alongside these fantastical peoples?
I choose human deliberately, manly for the challenge to create something that is more focused on background then "what" he is. I find some people (and thankfully not my party) when they play D&D or other RPGs and when they get a chance to play exotic sounding races they go overboard with caricatures and effects rather then who they are. We all have heard of the "Proud and stubborn Dwarf", the "I'm so magical elf", the "Sneaky Sneaky Halfling", and who can ever forget the "IM A Half-Elf/Dragon/Drow/Orc Barbarain/Wizard WITH A CELESTIAL BADGER COMPANION!!!" it gets old to storytellers really quick. So, instead I went to play a common and sometimes overshadowed race choice and enjoyed my free feat and 3rd at will power thank you very much.

Getting power from a pact...that's one scary bit of the character. How does it play into who he is?
The infernal pact played heavily into my background. I wanted the pact selection to be more then just a Nuts'n'Bolts character creation decision. I wanted it to be more then just having the ability to toss hellfire at my enemies (although that is fun). I also wanted the pact to help me develop Jorin's outlook on things. I thought to myself, why would anyone make a pact with a devil? The first answer that came to me was having a moment of weakness, desperation and the devil being there at the right time and place. Jorin didn't know what he was getting himself into, he was blind by his own desperation and wanted power as quick as he can get it. I keep reminding myself of this little fact to help color Jorin's decision making; he regrets that he has done this and almost every major decision he makes is based on that one time in his life. He is on the road for vengeance and redemption, hopefully the great storyteller in the sky will allow Jorin to potentially have both in some fashion. As a player, I love these kind of tortured characters. You can really feel for them, maybe even sympathize with them even if their actions may be viewed as extreme. After all some of our best hero's in literature have a bit of the dark-side in them. As for an ascetic I decided to have have his pact literally written all over him which gives him a very striking appearance, and he has a bound devil as a familiar which lives in his right arm, whenever he does his powers a nasty looking gauntlet with an eye in the palm grows out from his skin. I do similar effects for how his power looks, lots of fun descriptions for me to make, I find that a lot of fun.

The DM describes your character as "The Avenger". How'd that come about?
Well in Jorin's background (which you might have gotten a sneak peak from Alicia and Elena), he was once a simple thief who was learning magic illegally in Farth. What you don't know is that he wasn't originally from Farth, but rather from a now destroyed fishing village called Greenwater, supposedly the only survivor. He sought magical power so he could potentially return one day and deal what he had ran away from. Sadly this was not the case for Jorin. On a mission to rescue a detained child sorceress something went wrong, Alicia's character (then known as Aislin) was with him; they just sprung the child out of her prison when the guards discovered them. Instead of fighting them together Aislin shoved him outside and told him to run, that she will "catch up later". Jorin ran even though every part of him wanted to stay and fight along side. Aislin got captured, then killed by Farthian officials. Jorin had and still to this very day blames himself for her wrongful death. "If only I had enough power..." was something he used to say. He then was "found" by an acolyte of a cult that promises power and preaches that "The wicked shall be punished by the faithful" and that a living god will guide them. To summarize, he joined their faith and made his pact with their "god" not realizing that he had jeopardized his mortal soul. Now he seeks to free himself from the restraints of his dark master, recently he even felt that he must free all men and women from oppression from tyrants and even god like beings that seek to control their destines.

We already know that Jorin's having an...interesting...time with Misery. How does he relate to the rest of the party?
Well, lets go by each character and I'll try to keep it short.

Fulchrum: He both admires and hates him. He admires his since of judgment but hates him for his ignorance of "the real world" and his un-justified views of magic. Jorin and Fulchrum have arguments over magic and its use. So far neither of them are really budging. That being said, Jorin would never allow someone to hurt him. If he has to live with this group he wants to have at least someone that can get his blood boiling everyday and get him to focus his anger on something other then himself.

Aer: He genuinely likes her, but gives her a hard time for being an outsider. He hopes that she learns their ways and apply it but her superstitions really gets on his nerves and he isn't afraid to show it. I guess the main reason he likes her however is that despite her odd ways, sometimes she make since and its good to talk to someone he considers his mental equal.

Hrothgar: Jorin thinks that his views of the world are dated to a time he won't let go. He feels that his pride will kill him and Jorin rubs it in his face when he gets a chance, he does it not for kicks however. He wants the dwarf mad because from what he has seen, when the dwarf is mad he fights better and sometimes thinks more clearly. Show him an enemy and he can smash it into a pulp, Jorin respects that.

Zephyr: Jorin is not certain what to think about him. Zephyr hasn't been to forth coming with who he is. The only clue Jorin has of his past is that it involves a wicked and greedy merc and something about the God of the hunt being their favorite. Other then that Jorin is amused by Zephyr's fear of his power, he likes creeping him out but won't ever let Zephyr know that most of the time he is doing it on purpose. Its like playing with fire with him, dangerous but fun!

Hestia: Sadly the only person in the entire party he honestly feels he can call a friend is her. After she discovered about his pact, instead of fearing him, hating him or out right "I'm going to kill you!" responses he has received, she wanted to help him. Jorin now has mixed feelings because of this. He feels happy to know someone honestly cares about his condition, he is even admiring her in more ways then one. At the same time he feels that he can not get himself to close to her, he can't afford losing someone close again. This gets really awkward because of Misery being there too. I love drama.

What would be one thing that could push your character to his limit? (and yes, I know that's a dangerous question to answer when your DM is reading this blog no doubt...so you're free to be as vague as possible)
First let me say I love it when players give up plot ideas to storytellers either intentionally or unintentionally. It makes great game moments. Now as for what would push Jorin to the limit? I have to say forcing him to face his past before he feels ready, Jorin wants to fight his own battles alone, he really doesn't want anyone's help. He got himself into his position and damn it he will get himself out. So having him face overwhelming odds by himself that comes from his past could put him to the brink. I look forward to the role play potential.

Done anything really, really cool with Jorin, either in combat or out of combat?
I have several moments of awesome in game that I enjoyed... but to pick one I would have to say was a combat action I made, well to be exact multiple actions one after the other. You see I get very imaginative when I think of whats going on in combat, I see what my fellow players are doing even if they aren't really describing it. So instead of saying the action choices I made in three rounds of combat I will narrate the following of what happened for Jorin.

A creature previously cursed by Jorin explodes in hellfire, releasing black smoke that trails like a dark haze all around his enemies. Arrows fly down the rock carved hallway zipping by his ears all the while he concentrated on the demon inside him, instructing it to conjure more hellfire. The fire forms in his hand in the shape of a grinning skull, he tosses over head at a wicked darkman who was about to cast a nasty spell at Jorin's companions. "BURN!" shouted Jorin, as he watch the skull cracks square in the creatures chest setting him and those around him in a blaze, when suddenly a nasty brute came barring down upon Jorin. He then felt weaken by some unknown effect, and barely dodged out of the brute's axe swing. For a moment his conscious slipped and he noticed he was bleeding. Jorin looked square into the eyes of the brute that struck him, and a voice not his own cried out to it. "For that, your soul is mine!" The demon inside of him used Jorin like a glove for a fleeting moment, but in the moment he had great power. He trusted his fist into the creatures chest and ripped out it's heart and the demon feasted upon it!

That, my friend, was how I imagined a couple of die rolls (one being a critical hit), magic item uses and how my familiar assisted me in a devastating attack using an action point.

What's your history with D&D and roleplaying games in general?
I know I said this before but I mean it this time, I'll keep it short. I started playing way back with 2ed edition. My parents thought that It would be good for me (I know, sounds weird, right?) They had it in their heads that games like D&D would force me to be better at interacting with others and allowing me to express some of my creativity. I was almost always the storyteller and I had a lot of fun creating monsters, nations and all sorts of havoc for my players to conquer and be heroes. I had other game experiences; heck, I even ran a Shadowrun game using IRC chat rooms, and for just about an entire year I was a storyteller for a Werewolf: the Apocalypse game that took place 1/2 of the time in the Umbra...but I always seem to come back to play D&D more then any other.

Final question, then. If you run into an RPG newbie, what one bit of advice would you give them?
If you are a newbie to a game remember these three things and you should be okay.

-If you need help, ask!-
No one expects you to know ALL the rules of a game and if you need help to clarify something you don't understand don't sit in your chair and pretend to know whats going on, speak up!

-Be helpful outside of game-
Your storyteller takes a lot of time and effort to prepare for game night, but not all storytellers make great party hosts. If he/she is having trouble make yourself useful and take some of the burden. Bring snacks for all of the players, offer to take hosting responsibility, see if the Storyteller needs anything before game starts to get the mood right, etc...

-Enjoy the game... and give critical reviews...-
Storytellers are ALWAYS wanting feed back from players, they want to know if you enjoyed a game session or if they could have done something more/less. Let them honestly know what you think, the better your feed back the better your storyteller will get and ultimately that means the better the game will become!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Three's Company: Another Interview!

All right! In the interest of getting progress made, I'm posting yet another interview, this time with Lauren, playing a cleric-fighter for the Ravens. That's three characters down in the party.


I'm sure readers will catch on to this pattern soon enough, but it's a good opener: what's the scoop on Aer? What is she, and who is she?
I've always loved playing dervishes but I hadn't had the chance to translate one into 4.0. Our DM pointed me at a fighter build called Tempest Fighter. The cleric was an afterthought, but one that really helped. I'm a tactical player, so I build my characters based on combat. Aer has been extremely fun to play so far. I've never found myself in that "I'm useless because I'm a stiker/defender/leader/controller" situation. I'm still working on the "who is she" bit, but hey, that's what epic heroic journeys are about, right?

Shifters...they're kinda like werewolves, right? How does that play into the party dynamic?
I think shifters were an attempt at Werewolves, but they ended up being a lot more subtle. Aer is actually a were-fox because her natural climate is a lot more arid, hot, and sandy than the forests and caves we've been travelling in. In our groups campaign setting shifters have their own culture and supposedly mostly keep to themselves. Hopefully my race will play a bigger role if we ever go and visit my tribe. So far it's provided some interesting flavor text in combat, such as pouncing on that last enemy who's running away.

So, seeing as Aer's the only character whose class is at least partially from the divine power source...how does that play into party makeup? Does Aer go around evangelizing for her deity?
Aer is the only one who has a divine power source, but a good portion of our party has a god mark, or dreams, or pings. Rather than trying to convert people to her cause she's been expressing her annoyance at her dietys silence. Her personality is more of a soldier than a priest. For awhile I was the groups main healer, but once Elena joined I didn't have to heal the group as much. Now I mostly use cleric powers to keep myself alive as well as launch ranged attacks when something is too far away. It is nice to have that backup "weapon" in combat. You don't have to pick up a rock and wonder if you get a +1 bonus for being a halfling.

"Aer" is a cool name. Where'd you get it?
I had built myself a dervish from the desert, but she was nameless. Our DM informed us that most of the nomenclature for the game was latin. This elicited the response of "I should use the latin word for air as my character's name!" Turns our the latin word for air is Aer.

So, now we've heard from both Hestia and Misery, regarding party dynamic. How does Aer fit into everything, and interact with the other characters?
On a RP level I'm still trying to figure Aer out. I am NOT an actor so mostly Aer has seemed quiet and sullen. She's really supposed to be quite optimistic, but the damp mountain air has really ruined her spirits. Combat is really where she fits into the party dynamic. I kind of fill in the empty bits of the party. In a group of our size people will overlap each other as far as talents go. I did my best to make sure I was augmenting the group. If one of our fighters gets cornered I can take some of the heat off the group. If a healer is downed I can get them back on their feet. If something is too far away for a sword I can smite. Just don't ask me to do any of it alone....or well....

What's your favorite bit of playing Fourth Edition D&D?
This is going to sound bad but...


I know the hardcore 3.5 folks hate me, but I love having a visual of where everything is. It's easier to figure out the best way to utilize powers. For me combat is not just about the hitting of things, but the hitting of things well, with flourishes.

Have any really cool character moments in the current campaign?
Not yet. I'm sure I've done some neat stuff, but nothing truly awesome. Most of my gaming has been expressing superstitions (Aer has a lot of cultural idiosycricies), or sitting back. I'm hoping for a chat with a quite interesting wizard, as well as a visit to my home. Add some guy issues in and something is bound to pop up.

Combat wise I'm sure there's something, it's just eluding my brain.

Finally, what advice would you give somebody just getting into RPGs?
Don't get discouraged, and don't get boxed in. If it seems difficult at first it's because there are a LOT of rules to learn, don't worry, most of them are made to be bent horribly (don't kill me DM). If you hate a certain class try playing seversl different ones.

Don't let anyone rule how you play them game. Make it your own and have fun with it.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Take Two: Interview with the Revenant

Well, guess what? Looks like I've got a few more interviews to give to all of you! The DM for the group I'll call the Ravens (based on their in-character name) got in touch with the members of the group, and I've had a few step forward for interviews! So here comes interview number two, from Alicia, who plays the revenant fighter Misery. Expect more interviews to come over the following Saturdays!


Let's hear a little bit about what and who your character is.
My character is a revenant named Misery. A revenant (in terms of this game) is an intelligent corpse animated in the service of the goddess Mavra (goddess of Death, Destiny, and Secrets). Misery was, in life, a girl named Aislin, she was Jorin’s (the warlock) lover. She was in an underground movement to protect mages. It was called the Magus Movement, an underground railroad of sorts. She was captured by the kingdom and publically executed when she refused to give information on the leaders of the movement. Before she died, however, she was approached by a messenger of Mavra, who offered her a chance to save Jorin post mortem. Aislin accepted and a few days later, Misery was born. Only problem was Misery had no memory of any of this. All she knew was that she had to gather forces to stop the Dark Men and do the bidding of Mavra. She didn’t even remember Jorin.

She’s slowly remembering though. Having emotions is really starting to irritate her.

So, you're the revenant, huh? How'd you come around to playing that sort of a character?
I am always up for playing something different and challenging. When our Dungeon Master mentioned a new creature type a few months before we started the campaign, I was all over it. I have a long history of playing the unusual. Being able to play a stoic character was fun since usually my characters are very opinionated and sometimes loud. Misery will sometimes be quiet for long periods of time and only pipe in when necessary, but with her emotions returning, that is starting to change. So it will be interesting to see where this will go.

Having a character named "Misery" is definitely a telling detail...could you tell me a bit about how the character concept fell into place?
Well she doesn’t really experience what misery is herself, ironically, although, her presence is certainly making Jorin miserable. I worked very closely with my husband Jason who is playing Jorin to create this character background along with his character. These two are very closely integrated characters. Jorin doesn’t want Misery around to remind him of the love he lost and Misery is constantly hovering around him because she remembers him finally. Its an interesting dynamic and I wanted to play that.

I also wanted to play the concept of starting as one character and slowly shifting into a second. The more Misery remembers, the more like Aislin she becomes. So, who knows, by the end of game I’ll probably be playing Aislin.

Last week we talked about Hestia, the changeling bard. Misery popped up in that interview...what's the dynamic like between those two characters?
Interesting, to say the least. Misery is still learning who she was, and Hestia is trying to aid her along the way. She even took on Aislin’s form to help Misery remember. As you can imagine, Jorin was not pleased. Misery finds Hestia to be a valuable asset on her personal quest of rediscovery. She appreciates her company, but is completely uncertain of how to express it.

Any other interesting relationships Misery has to the rest of the group?
Well there is her love-hate relationship with Jorin of course. She now remembers what kind of relationship they had and wishes to explore it further. Jorin is uneasy and freaked out about it. Under the mask that Misery wears, is Aislin’s face… in a palid and half decayed state, and it’s not something he’s comfortable with seeing. Of course you can’t fault him there.

There is most certainly an interesting dynamic with the dwarf Hrothgar. They don’t exactly see eye to eye (height difference aside). The short of it is that Misery would like to strangle the dwarf. She finds Hrothgar stubborn and infuriating as she feels he has delayed her goddess’ mission. Hrothgar doesn’t quite see it, but he mutually finds Misery irritating (I absolutely adore the guy playing Hrothgar though, totally cool guy). Misery is generally one track minded, so anything interfering with her goals must be dealt with.

What's one particularly cool thing about Misery? (or more than one...if you can't decide...)
Oh boy, this is a tough one. She has some pretty cool attacks that allow for the maximum reaping of my foes. She does have this grand ability to scare the bejeezus out of people. I don’t know, it’s really hard to pick out something. She’s one of my favorite characters, and I’ve been playing for just over 10 years , so that’s saying something.

Your DM describes your character's role as "The Grim Reaper". What exactly does that mean?
Well, I’m a servant of the goddess of death, I have a rather large scythe, and I wear a hooded cloak. My mask also hides a face that is half-skull, half-flesh. So I guess that’s why, lol. She is a character designed to widdle down an opponent and deliver their soul to her goddess. And she’s good at what she does.

I also hear you've been playing D&D for a long time...10 years? What's it been like, following its progress from way back then? (Which edition did you start with?)
I started with 2nd edition. My first DM is now my husband, actually. My first character was a weretigress named Trakkonee. She was sarcastic and fierce. Loads of fun. But my problem with second edition was there was too much math. I play D&D to unwind and math is not on my chill agenda. I really am enjoying 4th edition as the combat is made more simple so we can work through it more quickly and then return to the roleplaying aspect (my true joy in the game). I’ve played many characters over the years and have grown fond of them all. My most favorite character, Dronia, I am actually centering a novel around. :D

So, here's the big one...what's your number one bit of roleplaying advice?

Have fun. Really having fun is what it’s all about, and if that means letting your imagination go crazy, then go for it! :D

Saturday, February 27, 2010

An Unexpected Interview

So, as a quick intro to this...I was talking with my friend Elena the other day, about the campaign that she's picked up recently. It's her first time playing in person, although she'd played a little over e-mail with myself and a DM. So, long story short, she came up with the idea of having an interview, where I ask her about her character, and so on. I thought that was a splendid idea.

To all of those who will possibly be showing up from her blog, there's some abbreviations and terminology I use frequently on the blog, that I'll be giving an explanation post on. Also see the following links:

What is the Player's Side of the Screen?
The Journey System: A Game of Heroic Adventure

Now, without further ado...the interview.


So, can you give us a little bit of an overview about your character?
Her name is Hestia. She's a changling trickster bard, who works as a spy for a group called the Ravens. The Ravens are an intelligence group that are still loyal to the old empire that fell many years before, and are working actively to restore that Empire. Hestia has some very personal stakes in seeing the empire restored. She's very sanguine (secondary choleric) and is strongly feelings based. The rest of the party is fairly dark and gloomy, so she has her work cut out for her sometimes!

What inspired this character?
It was a very organic process. Differant pieces sort of fell together. I wanted to play a character I could have fun with, and I wanted to play someone that would fill a gap I saw in the existing party. Everyone else was dark or depressed or far too focused, and there was clearly a need for someone who could liven things up. They also needed someone who wouldn't be afraid to take responsibility for pressuring the party to move along and not just stay in one place anymore.

Why are you playing a bard?
Because I'm an actress. ;) Actually, that really is the best answer. I wanted to play a leader, and my DM thought bard would be a good class for me. Plus it gives me a certain freedom with my character's attitude that the others don't have. She's used to playing a role, so she can seem very open when actually she's hiding a lot. Acting a part is her job...

What's the most fun thing about playing a bard?
Let's see. I love playing songs and annoying the dwarf. I also had Hestia memorize a gigantic magic textbook in one day and recite most of it dramatically to illustrate a point. That was pretty amusing. Plus the lute... gotta love the lute...

You're playing a character who can shapeshift...any fun things you've done with that?
Well, I randomly shifted into a darkman (our villians) and completely freaked my companions out because they didn't all know that I was a changling. ;) Also, I did have some fun during our last roleplaying session. We have two characters, Jorin and Misery who were formerly "together" but she (Misery) "died." Now she's a revenant. In an effort to trigger some of Misery's lost memories, Hestia went to Jorin and asked him to describe Misery's younger sister. As he described her, Hestia took on the sister's form. Now the sister happens to look a lot like Misery looked when she was alive and that ended up creeping out Jorin pretty badly!

And you've got a winged cat hanging around? What's up with that?
My DM asked me if I wanted a familiar (intelligent animal companion) and first offered me a raven because my intelligence group is called "The Ravens." However I have a bit of bird phobia myself, so I asked if I could have a flying cat instead. Turns out I could (though it cost me some extra points) so I gained Mercia the Tressym. She's basically a librarian spy and somewhat of comic relief as well as a way for the DM to give some advice to my character when he so chooses. Mercia and Hestia share a ranged telepathic link which makes them a team to be feared.

So, I'd gather your character is a bit of a trickster. Is there anything more to her?
Oh yes. She's perhaps the most talent spy that the Ravens have. She also is intensely devoted to her twin brother, who is currently missing. This is an intensely difficult time for her, as she wants to search for her brother, but is called instead to her duty to the Ravens. To make matters worse, her superior officer and she have somewhat of a love thing going on, but they're currently mad at each other for reasons unknown. And now, while she is away on her mission, she's discovered that he's fatally wounded...

Every character has their Crowning Moment of Awesome. Has yours gotten one?
Our very last round had two Crowning Moments of Awesome. One was when Hestia was trying to cheer up her very gloomy-minded superior officer. She was trying to get him to look at life in a more humerous manner, and he said that acting so would probably get him killed - and she was probably going to get herself killed if she didn't start acting serious. So she said "Since when have I ever died?" and he replied "It only takes one time." Meanwhile our party revenent looked on in an oddly amused manner...

The second Awesomeness was later in that same game. Several of our party members had deep and foreboding dreams of darkness. Hestia woke up screaming, having seen both her twin brother and secret beloved in deadly danger. I didn't actually scream, but I acted out the rest of the freaking out and had a pretty awesome time doing so. Everyone else seemed to enjoy it as well.

If you were to give one bit of advice on playing a character, what would it be?
Be bold - be creative with your character, develop it, and dont' be afraid to really get into character and interact with the other players. However, be aware of how much time you're taking and make sure that you are always considerate of others. You want to have fun, entertain the others, and benefit the party - NOT become annoying.

What's your favorite part of roleplaying a character?
Well, my DM says that there are several differant kinds of players. Tacticians, storytellers, actors, etc. I'm definetely primarily an actor. I LOVE roleplaying. Combat is fun, but kind of slow. I prefer dramatic interaction. However I'm also an instigator. When things are moving slowly, I go around and get people moving. (No, as my DM also pointed out, I'm not the silly instigator that pushes the shiny red button that says "Do Not Touch." Of course I haven't seen any shiny red buttons yet, so... that's still to be tested, I suppose).
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