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Monday, April 30, 2012

Paper Empires: Stability

The Roman Empire fell because of internal squabbling and invaders from the outside. The British Empire, once spanning the whole globe in some capacity, was hugely diminished as their colonies rose up against them. The stability of your own empire is of critical importance in Paper Empires. Each province, from the start, begins to generate Unrest, and you must also keep building your Dynasty's strength up.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dark City: When Mafia Met...Cards?

So, folks! Today, I typed up some rules for a game I call Dark City, a live-action variant of Mafia that spans a much larger space and time. Oh, and there's a freelance assassin on the loose, too. Have a look, it's only two pages! I plan to do some fleshing-out in the future, and I'm sure it could use a lot of fun theming...

Download Link

Creative Commons License
Dark City by Andrew Hauge is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Paper Empires: Actions

There's one last little detail before the basic framework of Paper Empires is complete, and that's Actions. After that, I'm going to start delving into the nuances of the game, fleshing out details and explaining how things work. Theoretically, with the details you have here, you could almost hack together a very basic game. I'm about to add more game elements, though, including an explanation of how the tech tree actually works. Oh, and a concept of a world map.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Paper Empires: Assets

Assets are the last thing which floats around in Paper Empires 2.0, being a little less powerful and a little less tied down than Provinces. Although they're not quite a core of your empire, they're the tools which you use to take various actions. Every action works through an appropriate Asset, and you'll gain a great advantage by having the right Asset.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Paper Empires: Provinces

The second main part of my revitalized Paper Empires project is the provinces, those little bits of territory that make up your empire. Dynasties are defined by characteristics, and by the knowledge possessed by the Dynasty. Provinces, in contrast, are primarily defined by the resources and goods they produce. They can be invaded, infiltrated, built up, and settled. Your Dynasty may be your empire's heart and soul, but your Provinces are its hands and feet.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Paper Empires: Building a Dynasty

Okay! This is the first post in my rebuild of Paper Empires, and I'm going to do two things. First, I'm going to explain (to the newcomers) exactly how Cortex+ works. Then, I'm going to outline how the concept of Dynasties will apply to this game, because Dynasties are a core component of this new edition, which I'm still trying to figure out a good name for. At the moment, Paper Empires+, Paper Empires 2E, and some totally unrelated title are my best options. Any input there?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

RPGs: Good and Free

Okay, wow! Somehow, I got totally behind on things, and never actually put out a post for the second half of the week. Grar. Okay, give me about five minutes, and I'll come up with something incredibly compelling to write a post on!

*tick tick tick*

Okay, is time really up? Drat. Okay, then. I guess it's up to me to pull a topic completely out of nowhere. Hmm...oh, I know! Time for a really quick roundup. See, one of my little hobbies is finding cool roleplaying games, and some of the coolest roleplaying games are this lovely little thing called "free". So, before your very eyes, here's a round-up of five excellent (and free) roleplaying games.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vote for Old School Hack!

Vote for Old School Hack!

So, a word about Old School Hack. It's pretty awesome, first and foremost. It's a revisiting of classic D&D, but streamlined and with cool new mechanics. The result is a great fun dungeon romp that's filled with enough crunch to be interesting, and enough streamlining to keep things fun.

Not only that, but it's a fully free product. It's not a quickstart, it's a completely free product! So, vote for Old School Hack to win the Ennie!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Paper Empires: A Sample Dynasty

All right, folks! Time to throw something out there which your own perusal might light upon with some sense of glee. In other words, here's a dynasty for you, in rough alpha form, for you to pick apart and enjoy! And, well, I guess I don't need much more to say than that.

The Dun Crow Donnoleys
The Dun Crow Donnoleys are a terrifying lot of seafaring scallywags, who've sworn to lay claim to the lands of the Ivory Ring Islands. They live to spread their reign of terror far and wide, burning and pillaging, keeping small settlements under duress. They've decided that they're going to do some settling now, making port towns for their own, to rake in more loot and become a major power in the Islands.

Signature Trait: Ruthless (one province per turn gains a +2 military bonus)
Signature Ability: No Quarter--when you use this ability, all provinces gain a +3 military bonus. Each province attacked by you this turn loses 1 population (limit once per province).
The Donnoleys are feared, because they are not known for mercy. It's a miracle, some say, if you survive, though maybe less so depending on your fate afterwards. Slavery under the Donnoleys is not always a pleasant manner, and neither is being held for ransom by them.

Cultural Trait: Clans (all provinces with 2 culture or more gain +1 happiness)
Donnoley blood sticks together, and where the Donnoleys have spread, there is also loyalty to the standard of the Dun Crow. Spread the offspring of the Donnoleys far and wide, and your empire will be much-pleased.

Unique Landmark: The Pale Banshee (all military dice rolled by this province reroll if the result is a 1)
The Pale Banshee is a rumor, some say, a tale to frighten off sailors who stray too near to the bounds of the Donnoley's islands. Others put much faith in its existence: a ship with a wailing crew, whose very sight calls death down upon visiting ships.

You'll notice a couple things about this. First off, there's a "Unique Landmark". This is a major building, legacy, cultural idea, or otherwise noteworthy but somewhat tangible thing which an empire makes. While landmarks can be made by every empire, each dynasty also has its own unique landmark, exclusive to it. The full game will include options and rules for constructing your own dynasty's personal Unique Landmark from scratch, and all settings will include sample Unique Landmarks. Second, of course, there's a major pirate theming to this. That's because this comes from *drumroll* one of the three settings that I'm planning on putting in Paper Empires...

  • Dangerous Tides, inspired by the popular Pirates of the Caribbean series, mashing together make-believe pirate lore and swashbuckling action, along with a dose of the somewhat "unnerving and highly...unnatural-like".

  • Mithril Muskets, a colonial fantasy world...because let's face it--RPG geeks always gotta stick fantasy in there somewhere.

  • Imperialism, a somewhat historical recreation of Europe and its encounters with the New World, heavily inspired by the game Sid Meier's Colonization.

So, hang along for the ride! It oughta be fun.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Very Cool Resource

Engine of Thwaak

So, I just stumbled across this in a blog that I frequent, Risus Monkey. This above link is the endeavor of a guy named Brent Wolke. He uses the system Risus, a rules-light roleplaying system which focuses on special character traits, called clich├ęs. In the spirit of keeping things rules-light, he's releasing settings for the system, limited to eight pages only. His aim is to release one setting per month.

They're quite professionally done, and worth a look. Not only can they be used in Risus, but also quite readily ported over to other systems, since game mechanics are only a small part of them (the system itself being rules-lite really helps here). So, have a look, link it around, and enjoy!
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