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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dice Profiles: d12

Number of Sides: 12
Shape: dodecahedron
Famous For: RAWR! Barbarians LOVE d12 for hit point and big choppy axe! Sadly, it doesn't see much other use in Dungeons and Dragons, although Dominion Rules is a system based entirely around the d12. BoardGameGeek has a very short list of RPGs, most of which I'd never heard of, that use the d12 primarily.
Element: There's no exact correspondence of element here, as Plato neglected to give the dodecahedron a corresponding element. He mentioned, however, that it was used to "arrange the constellations", and there is also a fifth element (besides the traditional four) introduced later on, called "aether", which deals with the heavens. So, "aether" is a fairly good fit. Mysterious, up there, not one of the big guys.
My Take: I actually like the d12. It's not quite as massive as the d20, but it's got a nice shape, and isn't as tiny as, say, the d8. He's a nice little fella, and there's still potential there. I'd love to see more uses found for the d12.

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