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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Spark of Fae: Pre-Session

Well, I've decided that the recaps will be best served to go on Tuesdays. I'll have some time after the session to wrap things together, especially seeing as how I tend to find sociable things to do on Saturdays and whatnot. I'll be writing up my posts for Friday in advance, then, focusing on other things. This Friday, it'll probably be a sort-of review of a game called Pandemic, and what board games can teach RPGs (and I don't mean all of this talk about D&D 4th Edition being a board game, either).

So, then!

Getting Them Together
This was the first time all of my party members had gotten to know one another, though a few of them were already pretty well acquainted. It was more a case of introducing the newbies to the group. So, here's a brief rundown on the group's members. I've assigned nicknames to each of them, for anonymity's sake.

  • Sage, the party's nieblungen skald (game terms: gnome bard). He's analytical, has gotten his feet wet with 4th Edition a few times (primarily 3.5 player), and is very interested to see the story unfold, something which he's expecting will tailor well to 4E's ruleset.

  • Kenshi, the party's human sellsword (game terms: human swordmage). She's a newbie to RPGing, though not to console and computer RPGs, so that'll make some of the learning easier. Though not generally outspoken, she's very excited about the "first RPG" experience.

  • Adderfang, the "gate-touched" thunder knight (game terms: genasi paladin). He's had some experience playing and DMing 4th Edition. He's also an actor, so that'll make it quite interesting.

  • Scribbler, the human witch-hunter (game terms: human ranger). I think he's also played some 4th Edition, and is an actor as well. He's also into Dagorhir, along with Adderfang.

  • Haley, the human healer (game terms: human cleric). She's new to D&D, but not to roleplaying; she's been around a few sessions of the Hunter: the Vigil campaign that I played in. She's very, very enthusiastic in general, and is very much looking forward to playing.

Definitely NOT a Tavern...
I'm going to be starting the party off in a much less typical place than the good ol' standby of a tavern. So far, the current plans are as follows: three of the party members (the witch-hunter, sellsword, and thunder knight) are all after the same bounty: a necromancer. They meet up in a fight to open the session. The other two (bard and cleric) have been hanging around in the tavern, having met previously and gotten to be friends. And where it goes from there...well, I've got some ideas.

And that's pretty much it for now! Stay tuned next week, for the kick-off... (there's a zombie in your campaign...)


  1. I like the nicknames for your characters, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys do.

    I'm rootin for ya!

  2. Yay! (I don't think you've met Haley or Scribbler, but you know Kenshi, Adderfang, and Sage...I figured you'd like the last nickname)


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