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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Spark of Fae: Boom Goes the Dynamite

Heh heh heh. Suffice it to say, a little bit of madness ensued in the session. I'm still struggling with divergent plot threads, but they're coming together (hopefully). It's time for the recap of this crazy session...

Where We Started
The last session wound up leaving the "party" a bit scattered. The storm knight Augris was around the mysterious house to the north of Woodshire, and decided to start exploring it. Jayth the sellsword was headed back to town. The zealot Silas turned towards the local monastery, to get information for his mission. Pock and Falcon were in the tavern.

Stormy Days
Augris poked around the house, and found that there was a ward around it: not a Fae ward like the circle, nor a ward like his innate storm power. This particular ward stretched all around the house, and threatened to zap him if he tried pushing through. He found a root cellar, discovered that the barrier extended all the way down, and then decided to break through it. He took damage, but he busted his way through. He then proceeded to explore the house, finding a kitchen, a hallway, and stairs up...

As he ascended the stairs, he came face to face with a blue-clad fellow who wore gloves with alchemic sigils. This guy then threatened to cause Augris to explode, unless he explained what he was doing.

Wandering Town
Jayth proceeded to head to the inn for a rest. He walked into the tavern, and there was a militia member inside who informed him that he had to stow his sword before going in. The fellow didn't like that, so he aimed to climb instead to a nearby roof, to take a nap there. The climb went well, but going unnoticed did not. There were members of the town watch patrolling, and they noticed Jayth. He climbed down, and kept walking. He took some time to rest, recovering health, and then went to explore the mysterious house.

Monk Mayhem
This is where things really got crazy. Silas discovered very quickly that the monastery sheltered monks of several faiths. When he got a private conference with the one monk who shared his faith, he discovered that this monk had been working as part of an intelligence network of monasteries across the Empire, working against the Empire. He then ran the monk through for being a heretic (supporting other faiths in the monastery).

Silas proceeded to dress up as the monk, and attempt to bluff his way around to kill all the rest of the monks. His bluff got called by one monk, who was the next to die, but whose death alerted the other monks in the courtyard of the monastery. They pulled out daggers, and whistled for reinforcements...

Bar Time
I'll be opening the next session with something that's about to potentially change the fortunes of Pock and Falcon, since I've been leaving them be for now, unfortunately. Should draw the plot threads closer together, though.

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