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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spark of Fae: Snip-Snap, and the Plot Thickens

This is the session I was waiting for, and hoping to get done far earlier. From this point, though, the campaign should get moving along a lot quicker. Plot points came together, and things got ticking. Now, it's just left to springboard things into action. Let's have a quick summary of exactly what happened...

Tavern Goodsauce
We had a fiddle duel.

That's right, a fiddle duel. A dark-skinned fellow with a streak of green in his black hair showed up, very suavely stepped onto the table, and challenged Pock the skald to a fiddle duel. I ran this as a mini skill challenge, and Sage rolled very impressively. Pock, with the help of an NPC run by another player who was there (we had to start sans three players, more or less, but the rest showed up, save Scribbler), blew the roof off of the tavern with his performance.

The performance concluded as Pock's fiddle skills and touches of Fae magic served to isolate the newcomer off in a corner. He gracefully took defeat, and then beckoned to Pock. He told him that he wished to discuss something with him. The fellow introduced himself as Fade, and they both moved outside, and started walking. Falcon (the knife-fighter) discreetly followed her friend at a distance.

Fade and Pock discovered that they both had Fae connections, Fade having a much stronger tie to the Fae than Pock. Fade showed immediate interest in Pock's work of spreading the stories of the Fae to people, and suggested they play a concert at the town square where the monastery was built. After all, he pointed out, any town square which is popular enough to have a monastery built nearby (for ease of feeding the poor, of course) will be good for a concert.

Pock left Fade examining the monastery (yes, this is while all of the carnage is going on inside...), on the promise of grabbing something to eat later, as a late dinner, to discuss plans. Falcon ran back into him as he doubled back, and they had a bit of a talk. (Her player arrived quite late, but we had a great bit of RP to end the session.) Falcon was very, very suspicious of Fade, and encouraged Pock to be incredibly careful.

The House by the Woods
Remember that alchemist whom Augris ran into? Well, Augris produced the heart of Daelu, which he had removed for further study, in hopes that the alchemist could identify it. Questions were asked...and the alchemist demonstrated his ice alchemy, to see if Augris could discern it from the Fae magic he'd encountered. Augris couldn't.

And then Jayth started trying to break into the house. He found one of the nodes by which the ward on the house was sustained, but failed to correctly disable it. So he did some more stealth-failure around the house, which alerted the alchemist to his presence. Well, there was some intruder-seeking, and eventually the alchemist found him.

By the end of things, here's what came out. Daelu had been a Lieutenant in the Amber Empire's military. She'd been in charge of overseeing the area around Woodshire, and then something had happened to her during the Fae Unsettling. Now, the alchemist is in charge of something which he claims will help to seal off the Fae Realm.

His last words? He noted that Augris had raw magical ability, and that Jayth had some alchemical training, so he told them that they could assist him in the work he was attempting...

And the Players Said...
I think they generally enjoyed this session. We didn't have any monk violence, as Silas' player was busy, but plot threads moved along. Now, we've got a couple (potentially three) distinct strands, but I think I can tie them together. I spoke with players afterwards, and they definitely enjoyed the events.

Adderfang now wants a way for Augris to join the military. PC ambition for the win!
Jayth has gotten into a very interesting situation, and that's all I'll say here. Kenshi likes where things are going, though.
Haley, though she didn't make it for much, was quite intrigued by the latest plot developments, and will be closely watching Fade...
Sage was quite pleased with having a fiddle duel, and also found Fade to be interesting.

Tune in next time for...GIANT EVIL OCTOPUS OVERLORDS OF ANCIENT DOOOOOOOM! Well, okay. Maybe not.

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