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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Smells Like...Free RPG!

Well, I've decided it's time for me to stretch my creative muscles and get down to business on something. The best part: you, my readers (supposedly there's about 50 of you out there, so...there oughta be a little feedback), get to help me decide what that something will be. I've got a lot of RPG ideas buzzing around in my head, and I'm ready to develop one of them into a full-fledged RPG. Not to mention, Wyatt's Copper Coins! RPG has me hankering to try something similar.

The best part is, this RPG will be entirely free. Free as in "free beer", and free as in "the land of the free and the home of the brave". I'm intending to use the Open Gaming License to distribute it, but if any of my audience has other thoughts on that, let me know.

That said, I guess you gotta have a list of options to choose from. At the moment, here's how they stand...

Guns and Grit, a simple system designed around d4s and low randomization. It's a resource allocation system, and the main setting is the Wild West, or a version of it.

Bloodline Blades, a high-fantasy action system which features warriors who have innate elemental powers, using a unique dice pool system to model these inherited abilities.

Paper Empires, an RPG where you play out the rise (and maybe fall) of an empire, inspired by the Civilization series.

So, let the votes ring in! I'll close up the poll after a week, and announce (officially) the winning game. Then, I'll be giving status updates on the project, culminating in a downloadable PDF release.


  1. Glad to have inspired you to try this out :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Paper Empires sounds fascinating. I always hoped Aria would have turned into something like that.

  4. All three sound interesting.

    Bloodline Blades has the minus of being another fantasy RPG, but then again fantasy RPGs are the most popular.

    Guns and Grit is a Western, which I love, but Western RPGs rarely get much notice.

    Personally, I'm most interested in Paper Empires, but I would probably use it as a cap system for another game.

  5. Man They all sound awesome. If you get the chance I say do um all. but I did vote for the paper empire because it sounds really out their!

  6. Another vote for Paper Empires. It's the most original of the three. The other two sound like they might be interesting, but there are similar games out there already. Other than the long-lost and never fully realized Aria, I don't know of another Empire as player RPG. I'm interested to see how you approach it.

  7. Both Bloodline Blades and Paper Empires sound interesting enough to make me a follower of this blog; but Paper Empires has my vote. It's something I've always wanted to see, but I don't believe anyone's ever pulled it off before.

  8. Dang! *crosses fingers* Well, I'll certainly have my work cut out for me. (presuming that Paper Empires is a go, which is kinda looking likely ;) )

    I've had some interesting mechanics in mind, and I'll be drawing from the experience of a few RPGs I've perused. So, hopefully it'll come through pretty well.

    Whatever game is chosen, I'll be starting posts as "design diaries" for the game, as I work on it. I can't say for sure how long it'll be, but I'll definitely be releasing "BETA" portions of the ruleset.

  9. Another vote for Paper Empires - it sounds really interesting!

  10. paper empires sounds like a truely novel idea. i'd like to see how you develop it.

  11. Paper Empires FTW!

    Idea: With a normal 52-card deck random draws instead of dice :)

  12. That would be really cool, though I already have a spot for dice, and it works well.

    However, a 52-card deck would be great for -another- aspect of the game...so thanks!


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