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Friday, November 12, 2010

Spark of Fae: Interview With the Fiddler

I had a bit of a mini-session the other day, with Sage, Haley, and Kenshi. Obviously the story had to be limited some, but it worked out all right. I decided it would work best to run a scene with Pock, Falcon, and Fade, giving the role of Fade to Kenshi (along with secret juicy GM-only info divulged to Kenshi as well). There was a very scant amount of dice-rolling in this session, but plenty of character action, and the story trotted along at a good pace.

Bring Out the Food!
Pock had arranged to meet Fade for a very, very late dinner, to iron out his concerns about the concert near the monastery, and to figure out more of the details. With his large stash of gold, the tavern staff was more than happy to comply with the nieblungen's request. Falcon sat against a wall, watching and waiting for Fade to show up.

Fade showed up, a tad late, and started to talk with Pock. The nieblungen expressed his concerns about the peoples' reactions. Fade seemed rather unworried about the whole thing. He insisted that it would be a good, public place for the music to unfold. Then, they moved on to discuss practical arrangements. Pock agreed with Fade's plan to open the show with Pock, Fade coming in later.

Then came the question of payment. At a suggestion of 70/30, Pock very verbally balked, and reminded Fade exactly who had played whom out of the tavern earlier that night. They agreed on 50/50.

Falcon had a little chat with Pock about everything. She still mistrusts Fade greatly, but Pock pointed out that if Fade goes and does something else, they get to keep all the money.

Falcon wasn't done with Fade, though. Pock went to bed, but Falcon went sneaking...she wanted to find out exactly what Fade was up to. Sure enough, she found Fade scoping out the monastery, yet again. She began following him as he walked along one of the walls...

And then they began to hear screams. Those of you who've been following Spark of Fae no doubt realize that these would be the screams of dead monks. That means it'll be interesting to fit the two continuities together, but I think I can manage. Well, when Fade turned around to see if anyone nearby was causing the screams, he spotted Falcon right off the bat.

They had a bit of dialogue, and Falcon said that she'd been curious about the screams in the monastery, and that she'd heard some earlier. Can anyone say bluffing hand over fist? Well, Fade was okay going along with that, and he then went along and tried to get in by the front door. No dice.

That was when a curious figure showed up. He was dressed in white robes, held a rod with curious inscriptions, had the front half of his head shaved, with a small goatee on his chin. He raised the rod, and knocked down both Fade and the door in one fell swoop. Then, the guy walked right past both Fade and Falcon, and went into the monastery.

They followed. There were dead bodies in the courtyard. Monks, of course. Cue the curtain.

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