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Friday, December 17, 2010

A Day of Moment...for me, at least

Exactly one year ago...

It's a bit weird to think about. I started this little blog exactly one year ago, and it's kinda taken off in a small way. I look back on this post, and it's funny to see how the blog grew, how my own experience of RPGs grew, and what could possibly be in store for the future. I'm looking at 5,400 hits on the Doomsday Counter down there, which is simply staggering. That's a lot of visits. A lot. Yeah, I guess it's spread out over 365 days, but when you pile it together, that's just a lot on its own, objectively speaking.

I'm still that little punk kid in the world of RPG blogging, but it's kinda cool to see just where I've gotten, and to look up to (perhaps) that day when I may take my place among the "greats" of the community. *chuckle* Enough of that. Back to introspecting on my blog!

"I tend to be one of those game-independent players, when it comes to gaming. I think that it's really cool how different systems try to serve the needs of roleplayers, and I've even been throwing around some ideas of my own, formulating a few different systems. One day, I'll probably manage to try and publish some of them, and when that comes, you readers will be the first to know. "

This is still incredibly true, and has remained the core behind this blog. I still care about this stuff, and what's interesting is...I really am about to publish a system of my own! I would've never thought something like Paper Empires would be my first entry into the world of RPG-making, but there it is.

"I'm planning on splitting the posts up into two categories: "Crunch" and "Fluff". Each category will have one release per week, and you're free to read one or both of them (or none if you so desire...but in that case, why are you reading this blog?)."

Well, that lasted a while. ;) Seriously, though, I think it benefited my blog in the long run to abandon a rigid structure like this. When disruptions happened, my blog got all skewed. I may try and introduce more structure later, but I think I like my freeform method for now...and it's worked pretty well so far.

"So, then, with that covered, we come to one final question: why is this blog named "The Player's Side of the Screen"? In answer, it's mostly because of my perspective on roleplaying. I've very seldom been a GM in a roleplaying game; most of my RP experience comes from being a player. With that in mind, my blog is suited both for players and GMs alike, especially because my experience as a storyteller is extensive. So, hang around a while, see what you can learn, and enjoy the ride!"

And this is still true, but I've come to a better understanding of what's going on in this blog. It's true, I give GM advice at times, but most of what I give is based around allowing players to have more options, and to have a better experience. It's about teaching them how to tell stories, so that they can work with the GM to tell a grand tale.

It's been a long ride, but it's sure been fun. Thanks for tagging along, folks! Here's to years to come! Well, at least one year, anyway. We'll see if the world lasts beyond then.


  1. Congratulations, a great milestone. I found year 2 much harder than year one.

  2. Thanks! I'm interested to see what lies in store for me...


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