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Good evening, afternoon, or whatever time it happens to be there, ladies and gents! I happen to be Andy, who happens to be a freelance web designer, musician, writer, and whatnot.

Roman Catholic, student of tabletop gaming, and someday soon I'll have my own designs in the field!

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Away for the Weekend...and Good News

Just an FYI, there may not be a Tuesday post, as I'm away for the weekend, at the premiere for a movie that I helped work on a couple months back, and the associated fan-gathering. Should be good, but I may not get the post up.

A Business Venture...
I've finally started getting into the big, wide business world...more specifically, I'm jumping into web design.

Azure Heraldry

That's a link to my website there, so have a look. If you're out to get a stable, quality web design done, I might just be your guy.

A Thought on Gaming
There seems to be a moment in stories where everything comes together properly, when all of the plot elements come into a unified whole, when things converge and begin to make sense. If this moment never comes, the story winds up scattered and purposeless. When this moment comes, the story starts to take on a life and shape of its own, and power towards a conclusion.

In an RPG, it's up to the players and to the GM to make this happen. They have to work together, or the story will never gain focus. So, the GM should work with the players, learning where they want to take the story, and they should likewise not constantly try to override where he wants it to go. Just some of the time.

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