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Friday, July 22, 2011

Dystopia and Giant Robots: The University

Well, it was time for some action. Soon, anyhow. The troops were all piling together to investigate the University, to see if they could find out what had become of Paige's love Nathan, amidst all the chaos of rebelling Godblind. So they all converged on the University from different directions. Ty (the annoying kid NPC) took the North, Eric took the East, Katsuo and Janice went in to investigate, and Paige sat back, ready to rush in at a moment's notice.

Eric: Watch Duty
With a quick scan, he took in the area. "I'll... uh... just stand out here and wait! I'll let you know if I see anyone," he sent to the others.

Had the fighting moved inwards? Or did people fight to get out?

Nothing in the mess seemed to suggest either way.

His scan revealed no action so far. It was quiet...well, relatively quiet. He could hear the distantly muffled sounds of chaos: explosions, screams of pain and terror, and he could see smoke rising from distant buildings.

As Eric stood watch, a problem quickly arose: there was a Protector prowling nearby, probably in direct communication with the rest of his patrol. It was left to Eric to remain hidden and keep watch on the guy, until he walked past. We had a few tense moments, but Eric managed to stay undetected, until the Protector walked away, leaving him in the clear. And Eric sighed in relief.

Janice and Katsuo: Lots of Footprints
Tapping her controls, Janice glanced over her shoulder. She was suddenly feeling uneasy. "Neh... this place don't agree with me..."

Katsuo moved careful crouching among the rubble. "This has to be the music room...and the remains of instruments. Such a shame. You okay Janice?"

Janice blinked, "Eh? Yeh... yeh, fine..."

"Okay....this shouldn't take long." Katsuo continued his examination.

Janice's gaze drifted. This place had been in her dream.
Damn... She suddenly slapped herself and shook her head. Calm. Just remain calm.

And it was up to these two to go poking around in the University. Janice noted, oddly enough, that this was the same place she'd seen in her dream, with them ambushing a few Protectors. It didn't quite seem like things were unfolding in the same way, though, which was odd. They found a bunch of mech footprints, trampled around everywhere, but nothing more.

Then a Protector stepped up to them, weapon at the ready. And Katsuo stepped up to try and talk him down, out of it. And somehow, it worked. The Protector, who was wearing nicer-than-normal armor, told them to keep an eye out for Godblind terrorists. Then he left, and Janice and Katsuo phoned in the damage to Paige. She was unpleased.

Paige: Good Old Times
"I didn't mean to interrupt, don't let me keep you..." Paige leaned on the windowsill, sighing happily. "It was just so...passionate. I loved it."

The cellist paused, and laughed to himself as he stepped back towards his chair. "Glad someone likes it."

"I did! It was if you were calling to someone, but wasn't sure who."

She bit her bottom lip. "But that makes no sense..."

Trying to set her mind at ease, she went into flashback mode, thinking back to the very first time she'd met Nathan. So, this was more or less a character-development scene, and one that put an edge on Paige's drive to find Nathan.

She stumbled across him for the first time when she took a longer way back home from the University, and happened to hear him playing cello in the musicians' area. She sort of lingered at the window, peeking through it, and eventually he noticed her and they started talking. She left to go back home, then, and that was that. So, for the curious, that's how those two met.

Next Time:
Well, things didn't stay simple. Remember that mech pilot from before, the woman? The mystery NPC who showed up to help the group, and then killed the enemy pilot once they left. Well, she'd returned, along with the souped-up Protector who Katsuo had been talking with. And she was there to take them down.

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