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Friday, July 29, 2011

Dystopia and Giant Robots: What Are YOU Doing In That Mech?

Like I said last time, things started gearing up for another fight. The mech pilot (the cold, efficient gal) who'd helped the players before was now...on the other side, it seemed, coming back with the Protector whom Katsuo had bluffed away. Paige was on call, ready to jump in for backup, but Eric and Ty were otherwise engaged by some fighting in their area. (I RP'd that as a separate session.) And things were about to get a lot more involved.

Katsuo, Janice, and Paige
Janice's stare turned suddenly into a predatory leer. "Heee... So, we're not buddies anymore. How nice."

Was this a trap or a way into the Living City's lair? Katsuo still wasn't sure what game this woman was playing

"The problem," the woman explained, "is that you happen to be on the other side of my weapons."

"Funny, I could say the same...." Katsuo wondered where Paige was.

The female pilot chastised her comrade-in-arms for almost letting the Godblind group get away, and at that point, the combat opened, with Paige dashing in and landing the first blow. (She got very, very lucky on her initiative roll, triggering what is known as a Cut Scene, a bonus action.) From there, the rest of the fight played out with Katsuo being mainly a defensive bulwark...and Janice going crazy slash-slash against the enemy. As expected.

It's how the combat ended that turned out...very interestingly. The female mech pilot's machine went down first, leaving the other Protector to clean up the mess. He ultimately went down as well, under a precise laser cannon blast from Paige. The pilot began panicking, and started trying to break out of his machine. Janice swooped in, nabbed him out, and then things got very, very interesting.

Paige, Nathan, Lynn, Katsuo, and Janice: Antagonists Revealed
He glanced over at Lynn, and then back to Paige. "But...that makes you one of the Godblind..."

"And you are a protector." Paige's face fell. So much for the joyful reunion.

Janice wandered over to Katsuo, Lynn still in hand. A spark ran down Sunlight's side, causing Janice to frown. "Tch... you really weren't very nice, fightin' miss..."

Lynn glanced at her own mech, completely trashed. "Neither were you."

"Hehehehehe, well, what can I say? You got me a might mad there."

Lynn nodded. "And you were in the way, of a sort."

"Oh? How rude of me! I had no idea! What exactly were you aiming at?" She looked around, as if she would see something worth shooting right then and there.

Lynn shook her head. "Not like that. My objective, rather, was to stop the Godblind."

Naturally, Nathan was in the Protector armor that got shot down by Paige. (Concealed identities is a theme that Code Geass touched on a lot, and I've been meaning to do something similar in a game for a while.) So, she took charge of him, although he didn't realize it was her in the Godblind mech. The other, meanwhile, was revealed to be named Lynn, and she started talking with Janice, who was utterly fascinated by her.

Nathan, unfortunately, tried to convince Paige to leave the side of the Godblind, because it was throwing a rather big monkey wrench in their relationship. Paige didn't like that a whole lot. She demanded an explanation from Nathan, as to why he was in the suit of Protector armor (which was a special upgrade from the normal armor)...he kept deflecting her questions, saying that the answer was too dangerous for her to know. He kept trying to get Paige to abandon the rebellion, because of how dangerous the Godblind were: wild rebels fueled by passion.

Lynn, on the other hand, started showing off her true colors as a bit of a manipulator and an opportunist. At the moment, serving the gods was the most profitable option. As she put it, they were the opportune tool to be used to gain power. She also rather importantly revealed that Nathan was her little brother, and then dropped a scathing comment: "Little brother having romantic troubles? Was this the girl that was selected for you?"

And with that, Paige slowly started to melt down in disappointment and pain, from the assumptions she began to make...and the lack of answers given by Nathan. The group, meanwhile, headed for an outcrop of the Free City, where they could rest and recuperate again. Of course, there was a lot worse to come...

Janice: An Unsettling and Foreboding Dream
"Just let me hook you all up....yes...."

There was an empty table with a tube running to it. Its restraints were undone.

Janice stared, suddenly startled. Restraints... "...Gods... Gods be DAMNED! LET GO, LET ME FREE, DAMN YOU! LET ME GO, YOU'LL NEVER UNDERSTAND TOGETHER AGAIN!"

A pool, a surge, a flow of void rushed in and over everything. Together...bonding...uniting with the walls of the City.


Turniphead and I really are having too much fun running these crazy dream sequences. This time, the scene opened with a view of a woman in an Asian-styled wrap and a man dressed rather flashily, even down to a cape. This was the same woman from her previous dream, but the man was new...and it quickly became clear that this was a romantic affair. The husband (presumably), the other man who had been with the woman in the last dream, showed up, and was very displeased with Janice-in-the-dream, who noticed that she was, oddly, manifesting as a boy.

With the threat of "We'll find a better use for you," she got dragged back to a laboratory, and the creepy scientist dude from her previous dream promised to hook her up for an experiment. An experiment of connection...bringing-together...

And she woke up freaking out.

Eric: A Blast of Victory
“You doing alright?” he asked. He couldn’t tell what Ty was thinking. At least Ty was at their escape route. Eric couldn’t quite get there, so he looked at the complicated bit of buttons in front of him by the screen. “Uh...” Which one did what? He couldn’t feel the Houston’s personality any more. Three buttons... Taking a deep breath, he aimed at the front squad, and picked one of the buttons. “I think this is the missile launcher...”

With a small fft a small projectile fired out of Houston’s left arm. A trail of smoke lifted gently from the opening. It landed right in the midst of the squad.

Like I said, I ran a side session with Eric's player, whom I just realized I have yet to introduce. So, then, without further ado, meet Hauskii; she's the very personable and likeable hugster of the group. Seriously, glomping has to be one of her second languages, though she's not a hyper glomper. She's also a writer-in-training, a musician, and she's very dedicated to writing interesting characters.

Eric faced off against a Protector and a few squads of soldiers (essentially, disposable cannon fodder), along with Ty. Well, the two of them essentially cleaned up. Eric didn't so much as take a scratch, either. So, he had his flat-out awesome moment. With that done, he headed back to find the group...

Next Time
Major trouble is about to break out. And I mean, major. People punching one another, hearts being broken, the revelation of a nasty villain...oh, and there's alcohol to boot.

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