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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dystopia and Giant Robots: Grand Finale (Sorta)

Well, folks, sorry about that delay! I, er, got sidetracked a bit, including a lengthy Civilization IV session, crushing my enemies. (I guess it's time to bump up the difficulty...) Anyhow, this is the final update on Mecha, at least for a little while, since the group is on hiatus. We'll be starting back up again once people get settled. I need to start hatching plans for what's happening next in the story...

One Last Rallying
Janice murmured, "Died....... died... Yes. That's right. People can kill other people. Fightin' miss... Lynn. I wonder at you. I continue to wonder at you."

As everyone mulled about, prepping their mechs, something became rather apparent. There was somebody missing, somebody small, energetic, and slightly annoying. Yup, Ty, that NPC who'd sorta been around, and whom Eric had gotten attached to. So it was time for the whole party to go out and see what he'd gotten himself into. Little brat.

So, they all up and went out, and soon enough find out what had happened to Ty: he'd gotten badly beat up with his mech, and left to die, thrown upside-down into the side of a building (courtesy of Lynn). Alas, poor Scrappy. No, seriously. Alas, Poor Scrappy. I was rather surprised by the reactions of the characters, who found that the best they could do was stabilize the poor kid. As troublesome as Ty had been, apparently it was still rough on them, watching him die.

In fact, it was one of the more emotional moments of RP that I've seen. I'm also probably a terribly spoiled GM, but my players really kicked in and made it a memorable scene. So, a win-win for everyone. Minor NPC goes out, it's a dramatic scene to remind people why we hate that antagonist, and it's rather satisfying RP. Ty wound up finally dying with Paige by his bedside, as everyone else geared up to face an approaching threat: something that blipped in and out of mech scanners.

One Last Fight
"Wait a minute...." Katsuo stared terrified and intrigued all at once. "It's people?"

Eric took a step backward in shock. "The hell is this?"

Paige screeched. "What is it??!!? It's HORRIBLE!"

"Are you kidding me?" Eric felt his heart beart that much faster.

Three four-armed mech-like creatures emerged out of the Living City itself, somewhere between mech and organic monster. They had a capability to melt into the Living City and re-emerge elsewhere...and there was a far more sinister side to them. At points during the fight, the forms of humans would try to emerge from the creatures, bound there.

Katsuo recognized one: the older brother who'd constantly beat up on him. And everyone recognized another: Lynn. Her creature went down early, and the one with Katsuo's brother was one of the last to fall. His creature dissolved into the Living City as it died, murmuring something about "Father". Katsuo grasped at it, trying to find out more, but it was too late.

The biggest shocker here was Katsuo's reaction to his brother appearing in the monster. At first, he was utterly ballistic, and wanted to completely kill the guy. But when he mentioned their father, Katsuo desperately tried to wring the information out from him, and was devastated when the creature died. It was a pretty intense scene.

It also served for a handy reminder as to why the characters hate the gods. They ended the session bound and determined to cast all of them down, and to free the City forever. Or something like that. As Katsuo put it, he wanted to kill every last one of the gods..."With the end of a spear and them screaming in agony."

And that's how Part I of the mech epic ended. When we resume, it'll be time to go to the place of the gods, up high in the clouds. And to find out what's been going on with this city.

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