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Friday, August 12, 2011

Dystopia and Giant Robots: Kiss and Make Up

Hoo boy. So, we've had our good chunk of drama take place already, what with Nathan getting outed partially by his abusive older sister Lynn. Did I mention that Lynn had covertly slipped out and away, while all of this was happening? Because when people went to check around, she'd disappeared. Did I mention that Nathan was the illegitimate son of two gods having an affair?

Fixing Things Up: Paige & Nathan
Paige sighed, angrily wiping away more tears. She didn't have time for this. Nathan was a no-good, lying... but, she really had loved him. She truly, really had, with all her heart. "How COULD he?!?!"

After Janice made some futile attempts to understand the workings of her mech, Nathan went for one last go to try and smooth things over. Paige was trying to recover from all the shock and disappointment, and Nathan was trying to figure out exactly what he could say that wouldn't send her into an explosion against him.

Unfortunately, things turned into a fight, very fast. Paige started to get terribly stressed under all of the pressure of various things, and she wasn't getting the simple answers and proofs that she wanted. Nathan tried to drive home the fact that he was trying to protect her from the gods, but she was still hung up on the deception he'd put her through.

She stormed off, and after a moment's hesitation, he ran after her, and pulled her in, holding her as he said the rest of his piece. "I...never...in a hundred years...would want to use you. It took me a while to realize it...but it was because of you that I thought I could have a life away from the gods. I thought I could have a life where I could forget about...all of it. Because of you, I believed it was possible." And somehow, something got through. Long story short, they hugged, then kissed, and all began to repair itself.

Katsuo, Janice, & Eric: Repairs
"One configuration and the main power coupling is damaged. Ciruit boards for both the motors in the back that allow the configurations look blown as well as the electrical is fried in the right leg."

Well, the three of them started work on mechs. Janice had given up on Sunlight, but Katsuo wanted to have a look at it, and so did Eric. And he made the mistake of trying to move...the wrong part. Janice very nearly lost it, instead seeing fit to knock Eric down, and pounce on him with knife drawn. Holding the knife very close by to his ear, in threat. Katsuo started thinking back to the advice he'd gotten from his father, "Always have a plan A and a plan B, and if you get through the whole alphabet then you'd better head into numbers and pray yours doesn't come up." And the mechs kept getting fixed. In other words, everyone was ready to gear up and head into the next big fight...

Lynn: A Sinister Turn
"Oh?" Hinden let out a thin laugh. "No...I think there's a much better use for you. Unfortunately, I'll have to employ my field laboratory."

Long story short, Lynn's mech was wrecked, and in a brief scene, she ran across Hinden, the creepy scientist from Janice's dreams. And he decided that there was a part she could play in his schemes. And the curtain dropped as he stepped in to take charge of her.

Next Time
We're gonna finish up Part I of the campaign, with a tragic turn of events, a disturbing enemy, and a final determination.

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