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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Unspent: Further Investigation

We resume our recap of the Unspent campaign with a recap of last week's session, which introduced a new player. Her character, Sharon, was a forensic investigator, who (as we're going to see) was very understandably skeptical of the goings-on at St. Luke's. The group wound up digging into the past of St. Luke's, uncovering some interesting dirt, and then went back for another investigation.

The Police
One of the things that Ivy and George opted to do was checking in with the local sheriff, to find out whatever they could about the teen disappearances. They didn't make much headway with the sheriff, although they found out that a forensic investigator, Sharon, had been working on the case initially. He let them talk to her. Enter the third player. Her character, Sharon, heard George and Ivy completely explain the situation, and of course believed that they were utterly crazy. She still agreed to meet up with them at St. Luke's church, however, just to check things out and get a look inside, which she had yet to do.

Lots and Lots of Books
That left Ivy and George to go to the library, to do some research. The old, unfriendly librarian gave them a few leads, as far as places to go, and rather reluctantly gave them a list of newspapers to go look up. Ivy also found a book with an old photograph of the church, from a few decades back. The statues in the photo were not worn down, and were arranged in the same manner behind the altar: two angels on either side, and a bigger statue of Jesus in the middle.

The newspaper articles were a bit more interesting. Ivy and George found that the church had been closed in 1995, with a scandal surrounding the priest, Fr. Don Federo. He had fathered a child with one of the parishioners, and subsequently been defrocked. The church was closed down shortly after, and the child died in the year 2000. In other words: not-so-nice things going on, and plenty of potential leads to be found there.

Back to the Church
Ivy and George had decided to meet with Sharon later that night, bringing along a couple crowbars, flashlights, and telling her to pack a gun. They all drove out to the church, and parked in front. Sharon, of course, was still skeptical, and none too pleased to know that they had broken in the front door. After some exploration around the outside, Sharon headed straight in. The first detail that Ivy and George noticed, which unnerved them, was the presence of two statues, kneeling at the holy water font in the narthex of the church. They sure didn't remember that part.

Both Ivy and George started getting alarmed, insisting on looking at the statues, with Sharon still thinking they were crazy. She then went up to the main part of the church, and shined her flashlight up. The single phrase "DON'T LOOK AT ME" was written everywhere on the inside of the church. That sure wasn't something that Ivy remembered. She was making sure to keep the main statues in the church in view. George, meanwhile, was keeping an eye on the two statues by the holy water font.

And then he blinked.

Things Get Interesting...
He jumped back into the church, and nothing happened. Sharon stared at him like he was a crazy guy. George was just aghast that he had been trolled by the statues. Sharon, meanwhile, went back to looking at one of the pews where the lettering was. She realized that the lettering was actually somehow fused into the wood, and took a sample of it to take back for forensic analysis. She then moved back to the narthex, back towards the entrance of the church. And that's when she saw the little statue by the door, reaching for her.

Thus commenced the moments of freakout from before, especially when the lights started flickering. The statues from inside the church showed up, and the characters made it out with much sweating. Sharon discovered one last disturbing memento: the words "DON'T LOOK AT ME" were fused into the hood of her car. They high-tailed it out of there, and George decided to go bar-hopping, to see what sort of information he could uncover.

The locals, though, seemed very loath to talk about the church, saying only that it was "a bad place", and "cursed". George was, however, able to get the address of Don Federo from one of them, so that gave him a lead to follow up on for the next day. That done, they all went back to George's apartment to get some sleep. As much as they could, anyway.

Also, Sharon's player texted me the next day, informing me that she was thoroughly creeped out. and expected to open her eyes, seeing a tiny little statue reaching up for her...eheh...hehe...hehehe...HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE...

I am having too much fun with this.

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