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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Feeding the Fire: I Meet Burning Wheel Gold

Well, folks, I'd like to welcome you back, with a pretty cool RPG book cover. Burning Wheel (Gold Edition): behold the awesome. Okay, now we're done with that. I suppose I should bring everyone back up to speed on the blog. I haven't posted on it for a month and a half, unfortunately, and that was primarily due to my computer fritzing out. I'm borrowing a computer from a friend, and though it's a bit slower, it does its job admirably.

My Plans For the Blog
Well, I know I tried to get some videoblogging started up, but on a practical level, this computer is a bit too old to work with a webcam. On top of that, I think that my videoblogging was a touch mediocre, and it's really not an area that I'm terribly comfortable with anyway. For the moment, I've decided to go back to stuff that I know I can do.

Translation: this blog is gonna get a whole lot more spontaneous, but also hopefully a whole lot less stale. I've discovered that I didn't really enjoy pressuring myself to write in certain ways, to deliver a rigid schedule. I'll still try to get session recaps in on a regular basis, and we should be back up to speed on DGR and Unspent, but the rest of the content will just be easy-going and fun. I'll have a lot of interesting thoughts to throw around. So, call that my New Year's Resolution: to have fun with this blog, and deliver more engaging, interesting content.

So, What I Got For Christmas
Amongst other things, I got two singularly geeky things for Christmas. One: Firefly. I've been long overdue to get my hands on it by one means or another; every time I'd recommend it to someone, I became more and more of a hypocrite for not owning it. So...shiny! Two: a wonderful hardcover copy of Burning Wheel Gold. (By the way, two-thirds of the page down on that link, there's a PDF preview of the book's core rules.) And, seeing as this is an RPG blog, I'm going to rant a little about the latter.

Burning Wheel is gorgeous, and I have every confidence that it's going to be my staple RPG for a very long time. Let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time, I was in a bookstore. It was right in the middle of the Lord of the Rings movies getting theatrical releases, and they had a big ol' display devoted to related products. There were starter boxes for the Games Workshop minis, which looked really cool. Then I noticed a sweet-looking book called "The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game", with a really cool design that featured a movie still of the One Ring on the hand of Sauron.

I remember flipping open the book, and sorta reading through it. The concept of a "roleplaying game" was totally alien to me, and all that I'd heard about D&D was from an article written mildly against it. I remember being captivated by a sort of magical feel: you could really play a game where you were in charge of your very own character, going on adventures? That sounded cool! Now, mind you, I didn't wind up buying it. All that I remember about the rules from my brief flip-through was a description of the various Health/Fatigue states of characters, something about "Hale" and "Weary" and a bunch in between.

I haven't gotten that feeling from reading an RPG book, ever, until cracking open Burning Wheel Gold. I'll start to explain why in upcoming posts.

Also, yes, I know that 5th Edition D&D has been announced. Expect a post on that, sometime, because I do have some thoughts on that, including input based on my read-through of the entire Legends and Lore archive.

Until next time, then!

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