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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Unspent: Complications

Here's a link to a listing of the Unspent posts, if you're a newcomer to this.

When everyone got the mysterious warning to "run" (via Ivy's note...), they booked it. The cats were all around the church, so the statues didn't have a chance to move. The group went outside, and found an unoccupied police car. Sharon was able to confirm it as the Sheriff's car, based on the stuff inside. Uh-oh.

They managed to break into the car, and retrieved a few different things from it: a cooler and a stack of papers. The cats seemed rather interested in the cooler, but the players decided to investigate the papers first. There was a letter with a leaf letterhead. George, drawing on things that he recalled running into, courtesy of his paranormal investigating, recalled that some people associated that symbol with "nature magic".

Investigating the Car
He immediately presumed that Mage activity was afoot. The letter itself asked the Sheriff to come investigate the church, and bore no signature. In George's eyes, this meant that the Mages were trying to move in with this Fae disturbance, and the Sheriff was somehow involved with them. The cats continued to prowl around the cooler, so the group pried it open.

There were two cans of beer and a tin of sardines. I had my amusement. Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.

More interesting (and I'll have a scan of this, later) was the diagram that the officer had sketched out. It had a bunch of distinct notes, all circled, with connections drawn between them. "Don Federo: knows nothing" was connected with "Hanna Strait" (the child) and "Rachel Strait" (the child's mother; this note was double-underlined); this last note was connected, with a lot of question marks, with a cluster of notes: the leaf symbol, "Bryce", and "Leona", with another big question mark nearby.

And then, while they were watching, the word "Master" appeared on the page, near the cluster of notes. And that spooked them yet again.

Back to the Chapel
The group decided that it was time to end all of this. So, they headed back for the chapel, and this time...heard something hitting the baptismal font, from inside. With great resolve, they turned their backs, and told the cats to let their eyes from the child who was presumably in there.

In an intense scene, Ivy managed to calm the child down, helped by her allies, and promised the child that they would stop the town from looking on her with condemnation. And in that moment, the child's unrest was settled. The hand of the Angel that had reached through the door shattered and crumbled, and when the group looked back, only a pile of dust remained of the child.

As they walked out of the chapel, Ivy noticed two things: her notepad bore the single word "Mommy" on it, and her tape recorder was running. She didn't remember turning it on.

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