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Friday, February 3, 2012

Backscratcher: RPG Editing!

What is Backscratcher?

So, I stumbled across this idea the other day, and thought that it sounded quite nice. I love RPGs, and I think it's a great idea for gamers to help each other out this way. So here's the deal. There's elements of this that people are still discussing, but for my part, I'm willing to do editing and proofreading work for a fair price. Namely, once I'm finished with a sample of the editing, I'll send it back, see what you think, and then have you name a price for the whole thing.

Credentials: Not that it counts for much, necessarily, but English was a minor in college. I also have this blog, which I believe demonstrates a good command of language.

Restrictions: Please, no erotica, ultraviolence, or strongly anti-religion works. I also reserve the right to decline any request for personal reasons. And, obviously, it has to be work for roleplaying games.

The Queue: When your submission is received, I'll stick it on a queue. I'm more likely to tackle projects that are shorter first, and more likely to tackle higher-paying projects first.

If you don't need any editing for your RPG, pass this along to someone who does! (And once I'm in need of stuff for my own RPG work, I'll probably allow for service bartering too...but at the moment, I just need extra money.)

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