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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Unspent: The Child

Here's a link to a listing of the Unspent posts, if you're a newcomer to this.

At this point, we've had the second monster of the Unspent campaign rear its head, and I'm sorry that it took so long to get back to a recap. However, things are going along at a pretty good clip now. Hopefully, I can get things all caught up very soon. (Same for the other campaign...) Indeed, at this point, it's feeling like Unspent is approaching a conclusion, even if that's not very evident in the recaps yet.

Tension, Tension, Tension
Leona got out of the shower, dressed in a totally different wardrobe...something which Jake failed to pick up on. (The curious fact being that Leona had only possessed one outfit on her person, since they'd gone off to George's apartment.) The girl was more than a little off-put by Jake's lack of perception. He managed to botch the conversation more than a few times, which registered as "Strike 1" for Leona, who gave him another go at it after an apology.

Are You My Mommy?
Ivy and Sharon looked at the child with the burlap sack over its head, puzzled. When they got its attention, the little boy said one word: "Mommy?" It turned around, somewhat haltingly, and asked, "Are you my mommy?" It then started shambling towards them, with lines like "Mooooommy..." and "Let me in, Mommy." Ivy noticed another note, in her hand: "GET OUT." They ran.

Bumping into Bryce, they told him about it, and went back to look. By that time, the child had gone off elsewhere. Bryce said that he couldn't feel the presence of a crack in the Fae prison anywhere nearby.

My Little Visitor
Back in the apartment, Jake had gotten around to recapping his history with Leona, explaining that he'd woken up in Oklahoma after being stabbed by a Fae. He also mentioned his friend Heather (an old character from a previous game that also featured Jake, actually), who he'd left behind in Illinois. Right in the middle of the recap, they got a knock on the window.

"Moooooooooommy...mooooooommy...Let me in, Mommy."

Yep, our little friend came to pay them a visit. Jake started flipping out, and eventually busted the door down, but the kid had already walked away by that time. As he prepared to go out, Leona started becoming distraught. In what seemed to be a pattern, Jake again failed to grasp the nature of her emotions, and she stormed out, vanishing as she stepped through the doorway to the kitchen.

Musings and Figurings
On the drive back, Bryce started asking Ivy and Sharon about their thoughts on the child. He noted that Fae magic often twists the human in subtle ways, thus the presence of a small child. The only real connection they could figure out is the proximity of all the disappearances in that part of town, and that everyone was connected to children. Beyond that, they didn't have anything to mention to him.

They got back to the apartment, and Jake filled them in about what'd happened (ordering pizza in the meantime). Bryce, hearing that Leona had up and vanished, walked across the threshold to the apartment, and also disappeared. The mortals sort of shrugged, and went inside to eat pizza.

A black car drove up to the apartment (the same car from way before), and a fair-skinned guy (who'd been driving the black car before) got out, dressed in black that matched his slick, jet-black hair. He also had "riveting grey eyes", for those who like cosmetic details. He introduced himself as Joel, and asked about Bryce.

Next Time
Information and preparation...

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