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Friday, February 26, 2010

A Twitter Thought

So, just as an aside, I had an interesting idea to utilize Twitter. As some or possibly all of you know, Twitter is an online service which lets you broadcast 140-character "tweets" of information. It's like micro-blogging. This limit lends to all sorts of creativity in tweets, and so...

While reading a tweet from Steven Jackson Games, under its "#hook" tag, I was struck by how it encapsulated an entire setting, in just a few characters. "Now, you ain't never been out this far west before, but you're pretty sure Comanches don't normally ride bears and breathe fire. -Fox" Which in turn inspired me.

So, here's my suggestion to you. If you're on Twitter, make some one-tweet settings. Using the tag "onetweetsetting" before it, type out a brief characterization of a fantasy/scifi, etc., setting. Make a few. And spread the word, see what creativity we can get flowing!

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