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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dice Profiles: d4

Yup, it's time for a light-hearted look at yet another die, this time it's the pointy d4. Small...but powerful?


Number of Sides: 4
Shape: tetrahedron
Famous For: The d4 is usually used to roll for the hitpoints of magic-users in earlier editions of Dungeons and Dragons. It's also used as the damage die for daggers and other tiny little weapons. Really, it doesn't see much use outside of those, so its reputation seems to be largely limited to "wimpy and dinky". On the other hand, it's a very pointy die. It makes an excellent caltrop, as many gamers have noted, and can be used to inflict stabbing damage more effectively than any other die.
Element: Fire is associated with the d4, despite its low damage output. I would've thought something associated with fire would yield more impressive results, but I guess fire does have a tendency to burn out fast.
My Take: I guess the d4 is nice to have around, particularly if you need to determine a small random number (like the amount of days the heroes have to stop a Doomsday Apocalypse from happening...), but alas, I have not seen very many impressive uses of it. Although I am plotting an RPG system that utilizes the d4...

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