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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Links Strike Back!

Kicking things off today with another batch of links!

Risus Monkey has a really cool tool for improvisation: you use it to generate a random handful of descriptors for a "microdungeon", which you can then stick anywhere in your campaign for the players to traverse. It also folds up into a pocket-sized booklet. Cool stuff.

Down at Campaign Mastery, there's the latest article in their "Pulp conventions" series. This time, focusing on character conventions in the pulp genre.

That Game Girl has a very simple bit of advice for aspiring GMs: keep it simple.

Old School Jump is here with a collection of responses to Mike Mearls' appeal for D&D-gamer unity.

Rounding things out, The Architect DM is back with some more advice on an interesting topic: the use of "negative space" in dungeons.

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