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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dice Profiles: the d20!

Yep, here it is. The ultimate final profile. And of course, it's for the revered d20. Good ol' d20.


Number of Sides: 20
Shape: icosahedron
Famous For: Do you have to ask? (Okay, for any newbies to roleplaying, the d20 is one of the most famous gaming dice, used by not only Dungeons and Dragons, but also spun off into a number of systems, like the d20 System (D&D 3.5 Edition, without some of the rules), d20 Modern...well, pretty much d20 anything. There's a True 20 system, an Inverted 20 system...Mutants and Masterminds...I think I've made my point.
Element: Water. It's flexible, flows everywhere, and is smooth and elegant. Yup.
My Take: What's not to love about the d20? Because there's 20 sides, it can be easily mapped to percentages, with each number representing 5%. A 65% chance of something happening translates to a 13 on the d20, unless I did my math wrong. The d20 is also used everywhere...and there's nothing more satisfying than rolling a natural 20. Possibly nothing more disheartening than rolling a natural 1, too.

Long live the d20!

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