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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dice Profiles: d10

Number of Sides: 10
Shape: pentagonal trapezohedron (wow, that's a mouthful!)
Famous For: Ah, the d10. Though it's got uses in Dungeons & Dragons, like fighter hitpoints and longbow damage dice...it's far more famous in another context. That would be the Storyteller System, invented by White Wolf, used in games like World of Darkness and Exalted, where you roll a whole pool of a bunch of 10-sided dice. Also, d10s are used for percentile dice.
Element: Nada. It's not a Platonic solid, and so it doesn't have an associated element. So, really, take your pick. If anything, this is the White Wolf die, however that works for you.
My Take: It's fun, especially because it works with the World of Darkness system. The d10 is nice for percentage-based systems, with really easy-to-calculate dice odds. I like that. My vote: good, solid, and classy.

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