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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Twisted Characters: Greenbird

The Glade

Like I've explained before, the Twisted Characters articles will take a familiar character, only to place them in a unique setting, with potentially a vastly different result. So, time for number 2!


Iron Age Superheros or Urban

"What's new on the blotter?"

"Well...a few murders, assaults...and a high-profile robbery. They think Greenbird is involved."

"That gang nut with the mask?"

"That's him. After some fat exec's jewelry stash. A few hundred thousand on the job. They got in, grabbed it, got out, and no guys killed on either side, though some of the guards got shot."

"Oy. How long you figure before we're asked to take him down?"

"Depends on how mad the rich guys get."


Greenbird was a sniper in the United States Marine Corp. Bob Early, master rifleman. When he came back to his home city on leave, something had changed him. He looked at the power in his city, seeing the rich aristocracy of the wealthy, who isolated themselves and gave no care to the severe poverty problems of his hometown. It came to a head when one of them decided that he had wanted Bob's property for his own. Bob came back to find that he had been implicated in the murder of a police officer. The witnesses were bribed, and his sentencing seemed certain.

That was when the jailbreak happened. He just happened to be on the right side of it. On the run, he gathered a small gang of fellow escapees, along with some miscreants off of the street. He's honed his sniping skills, and done some research into advanced weaponry, utilizing it to achieve unconventional results from sniping. He and his gang go around, targeting wealthy individuals on Greenbird's blacklist, trying to stay one step ahead of the police.

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