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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Twisted Characters: The Glade

Okay, sorry that this post is up a day late. I was feeling a little short on inspiration. But an interesting thought struck, so it's something that will be making an irregular appearance here and there. It's called "Twisted Characters". The premise? I'll take a character, from some game or book or show, and twist them around into a concept from an entirely different genre. Feel free to guess at the character inspiration, and definitely feel free to steal the character!


The Glade

Who is the Glade? Travelers speak of her in rumors and shadows of words, and never give more details than those on the surface. One thing is clear: she dwells in the Gate Forest, woods that cover the gap between the Northstones and the Nearmount Peaks. Any traveler who does not wish to detour, which means a delay of weeks, must pass through the Gate Forest. It is there that they must tread carefully, for fear of awakening the Glade.

It is said that the Glade takes on a friendly, pleasant voice. Nobody knows where the voice comes from. No matter where you are in the forest, you are seldom beyond the reach of the Glade's eyes. They say she can see from the knotholes of trees themselves. It is even said that she has imbued those whom she favors with the ability to open gateways between the trees of the forest. Yet some rumors say that she does this only as a "test", and it is a fact that no traveler has yet passed out of the Gate Forest with this ability.

The Glade is playful, yet also malicious. There is a dark history to her, and some have observed the Glade placing travelers in impossible situations, having to cross poisoned swamps with no aid. Those who fail...are forgotten. She bears no pity for them. Most odd of all is one single thing which she tells travelers, over and over.

"When you have passed the tests, there will be celebrations held for you. You shall have the finest candies!"

Who is She?
In truth, the Glade is the result of a horrific magical experiment. A powerful alchemist bound her consciousness to a network of energy encompassing the entire forest. She was his daughter; he wanted to preserve her forever. To coax her into the alchemic circle, he offered her the promise of candies. She has grown in malice since then, and is a poor, tortured soul. She does not understand human morality, because she has merged with the magical network and the intelligence it has developed.

If one manages to find the Glade, perhaps through luck, but never through seeking, they will find just that: a glade, embraced by magical energy. And the full consciousness and sentience of the magical network, divided into several magical stones. Each stone encompasses a facet of the Glade's personality. When all are destroyed, the Gate Forest will be freed from the Glade.

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