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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Very Cool Resource

Engine of Thwaak

So, I just stumbled across this in a blog that I frequent, Risus Monkey. This above link is the endeavor of a guy named Brent Wolke. He uses the system Risus, a rules-light roleplaying system which focuses on special character traits, called clich├ęs. In the spirit of keeping things rules-light, he's releasing settings for the system, limited to eight pages only. His aim is to release one setting per month.

They're quite professionally done, and worth a look. Not only can they be used in Risus, but also quite readily ported over to other systems, since game mechanics are only a small part of them (the system itself being rules-lite really helps here). So, have a look, link it around, and enjoy!


  1. Thank you for passing this on, it is a superb resource. The 8 page settings are excellent and easily digested.

  2. Very welcome! That's exactly what I like about it!


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