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Good evening, afternoon, or whatever time it happens to be there, ladies and gents! I happen to be Andy, who happens to be a freelance web designer, musician, writer, and whatnot.

Roman Catholic, student of tabletop gaming, and someday soon I'll have my own designs in the field!

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Delays and Such

Hey everyone. Sorry on the delay on posting. I've kinda been wrapped up in life, and I just found out that a friend died recently, funeral is on the weekend. (Prayers for him and his family would be appreciated.) So, I don't expect to be posting for some time, maybe I can get something up on Tuesday, though.

(In happier news, I've finally picked up Civilization IV...not V, IV. Yeah, I'm behind the times a tad. But it's cheaper. ;) So far, it's been fabulous, and provides some good food for thought when it comes to RPGs.)

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