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Monday, September 20, 2010

Here's How It Was...

Time ago and past, was a fellow they called by "Joss", made himself a series there on television, called it as Firefly. Some fahng-tzong fung-kwong duh jeh there in the Alliance, and it's by "Alliance" I'm meaning FOX (curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!), figured around that it'd be a right shame to give her the fair run, but that story isn't for hereabouts.

No, the aim here's for commemoratin' a shiny spot of art. Won't be much in the way of a normal post, but that's straight fine. I'd ask you folk to join me in a bit of a toast to that show took us out to the black, and we ain't coming back.

Firefly: Come to this 'Verse Eight Years Past, Not a Day Over

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