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Good evening, afternoon, or whatever time it happens to be there, ladies and gents! I happen to be Andy, who happens to be a freelance web designer, musician, writer, and whatnot.

Roman Catholic, student of tabletop gaming, and someday soon I'll have my own designs in the field!

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Friday, September 3, 2010

The Insanity Commenceth!

Well, not until later today. In fact, I'm not really going to be posting anything substantial for today. Posting will move to (hopefully) Tuesday/Saturday, so that I can write up session recaps from Friday's games. That'll include tonight, which will be (drumroll) the PRE-SESSION!

Wherein all of the characters will be fleshed out, the party will get together, and I may even run the newbies (and other players) through a short tutorial combat.

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