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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Anticipation in the Air!

I mentioned Spark of Fae here in an earlier post, but I'm reposting about it, because the campaign is about to kick off! I've been talking with the players (well, most of them), and we've got some wonderful stuff built up right out of the gate.

What I'm Doing
In order to make a more fleshed-out world, I decided to do some preliminary worldbuilding, but then to dialogue with the players to see what they wanted. Awesomely, they've all been onboard with everything I'm doing, and offered some very interesting tidbits.

I've been discussing character concepts with people, and at this point we've got some nice ones fleshed out. Now I'm planning on getting them together, in a pre-session, to discuss two things: their take on the world I've made, and their take on how the party should come together.

The main point of this is to provide coherency in the group. I want all of them to be on the same page as me when we're talking about the world, which is also a reason that I'm cooperating with them in part, getting input from them. I also want them to go into the game with a sense of how their characters can come together.

I don't plan to have them all meet in a bar. ;)

The Characters
So, without further ado, I'm presenting the current characters that I have so far. None of them have names that I'm aware of...yet.

  • The nieblungen skald, a trickster fellow who has stories to tell, and knowledge to share.

  • The "thunder knight", a sailor who was consumed by a magical storm, and washed up on the beach, transformed into a devoted fighter.

  • The wandering sellsword, who augments his fighting ability with alchemic magic.

  • The witch-hunter (well, more accurately, necromancer-hunter), who has an open opposition to all magic but that power which comes from The One God, and who is a multi-weapon specialist.

  • The two-weapon healer-maiden, beautiful but tormented.

In case you're wondering what the classes are, they're (from top to bottom) bard, paladin, swordmage, ranger, and cleric. Suffice it to say, I'm excited to see where this goes. There's the promise of intra-party conflicts, intra-party tension, but not to the degree where it'll tear the party apart. In fact, the guy playing the witch-hunter specifically said that he wanted to avoid that, that he'd be slanting character actions towards "tolerant, even while disapproving", and also open to change.

So long, folks! There will be a pre-session soon, and then a pre-session report!

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