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Friday, January 21, 2011

Paper Empires: The Ivory Ring Islands

Well, I think I'm roughly able to post again, though adjusting back to college life was a little hectic. Today, I'd like to do a bit of an outline of the Dangerous Tides setting, which will be featured in the Paper Empires quickstart. This should give you a bit of an idea of what it'll feel like to play in the game.

General Theme
Avast! Sailing and swashbuckling galore is the name of the adventure here, and it's a mighty fine day for some piracy, if you should feel so inclined. Dangerous Tides is inspired by the pirate lore of the world, focusing on the Ivory Ring Islands, home to a great many legends. Several factions collide here, each with different aims and interests. The colonists and islanders of Ivory Ring find themselves in the midst of a massive power struggle between pirate lords, mercenaries of the shipping companies, and stranger powers...

The Powers-That-Be
The Dun Crow Donnoleys: A bloodline pure and strong, these pirates seek ruthless dominion over all of the islands. It is rumored that they seek something hidden on one of the islands, an ancient artifact, but they may just be there for the plunder.
The Four Fangs: A hastily-born alliance among islanders from four different islands, built to combat the outsiders from all sides, or at least to provide a truce of powers with them.
The Colonials: In charge of many of the settlers on the islands, the Colonials come from a far-off land, bent on colonizing the Ivory Ring in the name of God and Country. Bringing order to the lawless lands is another priority.
The Monkey's Sabre: A somewhat elite organization of swashbucklers and other derring-doers, the men and women devoted to the Monkey's Sabre, a legendary weapon, seek adventure, treasure, and a generally good time.

The Ivory Ring
(map to come later)
The Ring is made up of eight main islands, which are settled by various people. These islands are generally highly defended. In addition, naval traffic is high amongst them, and several ships sail the sea around the Ring, allegiance sworn to no-one. Any power is free to attempt to persuade these ships to their side, or perhaps to conquer them by force.

Knave's Cove-- A lawless hive, home to the men and women who protect the Monkey's Sabre. Plenty of work can be had here, though discipline and a general sense of culture are somewhat lacking.
The Reef-- Inhabited by two of the tribes who belong to the Four Fangs, the Reef used to be the site of much war and bloodshed, but now serves as a very defensible military headquarters for the alliance.
Crossbone Isles-- Once the home to notorious smugglers, these two islands have been reclaimed by the Four Fangs. They are dangerous places to attack, as any invading ships must navigate treacherous sandbars on the approach.
Queensland-- The Colonial capital, this island is refined, advanced, and well-populated. Its people are generally peaceful and law-abiding, with a keen interest in fishing and harvesting the local wealth of the sea.
Murrow's Stone-- A smaller island which serves as the military outpost for the Colonial fleet. It is also known as the prime growing-place of a rare coffee plant.
Redrock Island-- Named for the bloodred stone at its center, this is the island where the Dun Crow was forged, where the Donnoleys initiate newcomers into the clan. It is a fiercely defended island, and its legend reaches far and wide.
The Keg-- Supposedly named for an unusual rock formation on one of its coasts, the Keg is filled with the most loyal of the Donnoley's denizens. Here are the training grounds of its cutthroat captains and vicious assassins.

So, that should give you a pretty good picture of just what sort of place these islands are...until next time, I'll see you all around!

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