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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Going On a Diet (and recent game stuff)

Well, folks, just to let you know, stuff's been a pretty big load lately. Projects to do, a thesis to get written and filmed, doing a freeform X-Men RPG with friends...that good stuff. So. I'm going to be slimming down my posting. But this comes with a triplet of upsides:

I'm going to be guest-posting on Rule of the Dice, which is one of the forces behind my lowered posting, the other being school. I'll post about once a month or so, on various topics. So head over there, and check me out! While I may later mirror some of my posts on this blog, they'll be on RotD first. My current brainstorming is a post (or few) discussing puzzles in RPGs...

I've begun playing in a campaign! The system is World of Darkness, and I think there's a bit of appropriateness there, seeing as a recent blog post by White Wolf game designer Eddy Webb stirred a huge desire in me to play, instead of just sitting around talking about RPGs. You readers will be getting play reports on this campaign, which features an eclectic cast investigating sinister happenings in a sleepy Idaho town.

I will, of course, be picking up Spark of Fae again, and running it with the same crew. We have a meeting-time set, and I'm planning stuff to kick the session off. It will be killer. Bwahahaha. Er...I didn't mean that in the "TPK" way.

As another side note, I just finished reading the 5th Edition (picked up thanks to DriveThruRPG's "New Game for a New Year" $11 sale...) of the Pendragon RPG...let me say, COW OF +1 HOLY! Expect a review sometime. This is one of those games that just pushes all the right buttons in my RPGing mind. For a nice picture of some of the things I love about this system, check out this review from The Silver Key. Old? Yeah, but still so true.

So, I'm still working out when to post and whatnot, but Tuesday will probably be my next one. Ciao!

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