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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Late Linkage

Well, I'm a bit late...ah well. You'll probably find this on Sunday or Monday. Here's this week in RPG blogging...well, at least the little segment of RPG blogging that lives in my Google Reader subscriptions.

I am happy to report that, far from being in blog cryostasis, Wyatt from Spirits of Eden is up and rarin' to go with an incredibly ambitious objective: to spill out every single oodle of creativity that he's been planning. This includes all manner of stuff, like game systems, fiction...yeah. Keep posted on this. It'll be a veritable font of awesome stuff.

The Free RPG Blog has a really cool 24-Hour RPG contest that doesn't end for a while. Basically, mash up two movies and make an RPG about it. I know that I plan on submitting something. What about you?

There's a nifty post about improvisation from the Architect DM over at Critical Hits. Read it, and be inspired from a rather different persepective!

Eddy Webb, White Wolf content designer, has some thoughts about gaming with an older-styled system, and the new spins that it gives to RPGs.

Finally, I'd like to introduce all of you to Kristy, whom I met at an RPG panel held for an anime convention. She has some thoughts about music in RPGs, which give nice ground to work with.

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