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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Behold: The Links Continue!

Well, folks, another week! Fortunately for me, midterms are coming to a close, and I am muchly relieved at that. And now for you: a slew of interesting links.

Critical Hits has gathered together all of its articles on "The 5x5 Method", putting it through all sorts of paces.

The sixth entry in Campaign Mastery's Pulp Gaming series is packed full of suggestions for protagonists and antagonists in a pulp RPG. Have a look and be enlightened!

Over at Spirits of Eden, Wyatt sets forth a much darker vision of elves, who tend to be known as the squeaky-clean cupcake archers. No longer.

Eddy Webb reminds us, in the aftermath of Mike Mearls' plea for D&D unity, that businessmen are people too, addressing fans who see RPG companies' executives as nothing more than soulless money-grubbing liches. Or something to that effect.

Finally, At-Will sets forth its take on multiclassing in 4th Edition, using the new mechanic of themes.

I would also like to add that the campaign I linked earlier (to bring Firefly back) has now implemented a pledge system, and has gathered almost a million dollars to contribute to some sort of efforts to make new Firefly content. I may get very, very choked up. Might even be tears.

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