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Good evening, afternoon, or whatever time it happens to be there, ladies and gents! I happen to be Andy, who happens to be a freelance web designer, musician, writer, and whatnot.

Roman Catholic, student of tabletop gaming, and someday soon I'll have my own designs in the field!

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Time of Updating

Yeah...I haven't been around. Still trying to pin down and focus everything I'm up to. However, I know that I can pretty easily do one thing to keep you, readers, informed. In the tradition of sites like Critical Hits, I've decided to throw out a list of links every Saturday, based on the "best reads" of the week. Stuff from the blogs I read, stuff that I've located on Twitter, and various cool things.

So stay tuned! Sorry about the infrequency of posting!

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