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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Links of Spring...

Yep. I dunno if I'll get next week's links around, because I'm on spring break in Mississippi with some awesome friends...but at least here's some for this week!

Though it's technically a bit old, I was referred to this outstanding piece by the Angry DM, discussing exactly what's wrong with 4th Edition (and previous edition) as regards the idea of combat resources. He strikes some very, very good points, and I think it's a must for anyone who wants to examine the game.

At-Will has a nifty write-up introducing the concept of underwater adventuring, looking at many different scopes for the adventure.

Risus Monkey's play report of a solo session of the indie game Microscope has some very interesting details, and I'm kinda curious to see the rules for myself.

Rule of the Dice notes three reasons to reconsider PBEM gaming, as a balance to the previous article on the great stuff about PBEM.

Finally, long-time favorite Eddy Webb gives his insights on what he thinks makes the social media RPG Echo so fascinating. GMs, take note!

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