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Friday, July 15, 2011

Dystopia and Giant Robots: Onwards to Adventure!

Well, folks. Now that everyone woke up in the Free City, it was time to take a lay of how things ran. Oh, and guess what? Time to introduce a new character!

Janice, Paige, and Katsuo: Snap Into It!
"Room!? How can there be room?! WE'RE UNDERGROUND..." She began shaking her head, her eyes wide with fright. "I can't do this...I can't! The walls are going to collapse on me, just like before... all alone, darkness..." She spoke quieter and quieter as she went on.

Poor Paige. She wakes up, having sprawled on top of Katsuo, and is then exposed to Katsuo's rather undiplomatic revelation that they are still, in fact, beneath the Living City, in a giant cave. Thus begins a character meltdown, or just about. Katsuo tried to assuage her fears, whilst Janice took a more direct approach, snapping out at the poor girl. It seemed to work, though.

From there, the players began to sort out just what they had to do in order to recover. Paige and Katsuo began to fix Katsuo's mech, and Janice went to have some time to herself. Everything went along at a pretty good pace, us getting some more character dialogue and moments, until...

Eric, Janice, Paige, and Katsuo: Follow the Bouncing Ball
The mech stared at the new pilot, and forcibly sent a mental message to Janice ==...There is a strange person here...==

He stood tall in his mech, his body tensed should the mech move again. His short hair was dust colored, his bright eyes searching, wondering, curious.

Of course, he didn't look tall at all to anyone else.

Being in a machine and all.

Oy, I messed this up, he thought.

Katsuo observed, "Heh, well running into other's mecha is a way to make an entrance.."

Meet Eric. He's dramatic, an athlete, rather dashing, idealistic, and very fun. He busts into the group through a mech-ball (think football, but with mechs) game gone a little wild. He's been playing ball with Ty, that NPC from last time, and some other guys. And now he's met some new buddies. Janice didn't quite get along with him; she's been rather short-tempered as of late, and as she put it: "Sense is not communicated well to me by this man."

Meanwhile, Ty started whining about how Eric had left the game of mech-ball...and the conversation continued until the Free City made a general announcement. It was time for the Godblind to start rebelling. Godblind everywhere began making for the Free City.

Paige resolutely set their course of action for the University, to find Nathan, and they sketched out a plan of action. They were to split up, Katsuo and Janice going on the search, whilst Ty and Eric covered different gates, Paige running backup. And if any of them found trouble, they'd alert the others. Of course they found trouble.

Next Time:
Investigation, patrol...and peril.

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