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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dystopia and Giant Robots: A Real Ringer

Well, folks, sorry about the delay here. I've just kicked off NaNoWriMo, which means that I'll be even more busy from here on out! But that's okay, I'm gonna get that done and continue to post regularly, and hold down a part-time job alongside my freelance web design. So, then, on to the RP recap! We had a nice bit of character development, as well as a very unexpected development...

Katsuo & Eric: On the Ropes
Eric bent over, hands on his knees, breathing hard. "Why...so...hard?"

"Because, you don't get mercy from your enemy." Katsuo stood removing himself from his stance. "You'd barely hold up in a bar fight."

Eric got into a fight. Okay, not a legitimate fight, but more of a sparring match. He and Katsuo ran the ring for a bit. Eric, with his bravado, kept making hotheaded rookie mistakes that the better-trained Katsuo quickly and ruthlessly corrected. They were trading blows for some time, as Eric got angrier and angrier, at the same time becoming more and more disappointed in himself.

Finally, it got to the point where he asked Katsuo to teach him. The gruff mechanic started running him through some fundamentals, including the all-important basic: "Keep your head. If you lose that, then you lose everything."

Paige & Nathan: Out of the Blue
"We could stay here. I'm happy where I am...here with you. We're all provided for...we don't have to leave."

"I wish I could be happy with that, love. But there's things stirring, up, out there. There's trouble, outside. It's not safe...and...it's not how it should be. I can't stop until everything is back in order..." He looked up at the ceiling.

She smiled up at him. "Am I a small part of your order?"

As he often does, Nathan was brooding over the impending invasion of the Heavens, which would also mean attacks against his parents. With a lot on his mind, socialization was probably not foremost in his thoughts. Then Paige showed up, and started poking around, finding out very quick what had got him so down. And at that point, Nathan started to loosen up and break down a little.

He couldn't understand quite why, given that his family had mistreated him so badly, but he still felt bad about the idea of having to kill them. It was at that point that he let out something rather...revealing. "I've asked myself, more than once, is this a world I could bring a daughter into?" Er, talk about a character bombshell. After fumbling around a little bit, Nathan finally came out strong, and somehow stumbled through this world's first actual marriage proposal.

And of course they kissed, and decided to skip the upcoming staff briefing in lieu of a romantic date in some nice secluded cave in the Free City.

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