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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Unspent: Help Comes

So, the group was in the car with a crazy bum, somewhere around 40 years old. They'd just booked it away from St. Luke's Church, after quite the confusing little turn of events, again fleeing the Angels, who were looking healthier than ever. Now, it was time for them to recover, and decide exactly what to do next. They also wound up putting a bunch of pieces of the puzzle together...

It was Ivy who wound up connecting with the guy, whose name was James. They took him to a McDonald's, and got him a cheeseburger to eat. They, they started trying to figure out exactly what to do about him. Finally, they opted to take him back to Sharon's place, while they figured out what to do with him. Whilst they were talking, they noticed James flipping through a phone book, and starting to cry.

Long story short, he was looking at names of students who had been in school with Ivy. And then they started putting things together. He was Jim Denning, one of the three high schoolers who had vanished in St. Luke's Church. And he'd been aged by over 30 years. This whole mess had just got a lot stickier. George decided to go online, and solicit help via forums.

A Strange Ally
He finally got a message back from a user named "Spring23", which was rather cryptic and set him up with a meeting that night, out by a gas station. The whole group, including James, wound up going out there, and they met an individual who called himself "Bryce", stepping out of the shadows accompanied by about twenty cats.

He explained a little bit about what was really going on there: one of the True Fae, powerful beings of faerie magic, had gotten a foothold in the Church, and was reaching out, using the tragic unfulfilled life of Hanna to spawn the Angels. He suggested trying to communicate with the child statue, talking to it while you weren't looking at it. After all, you can't speak to a stone. He hinted that there were big things going on, things that the characters couldn't be involved in, but he offered some help for them: the assistance of twenty pairs of feline eyes. Yeah, he was kinda magical.

And that's where we left things.

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