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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dystopia and Giant Robots: Shadows

Well, folks, it's been a while. (My apologies to you, Kureaa, I know you've been dogging the mech recaps with great zeal. They're back!)At any rate, we now enter the period of the story where, after promises of marriage, things become most dire for the romantic couple. They also get a bit trippy.

Paige, Janice, & Katsuo: While She Lay Sleeping
Janice lowered her hand, realizing that Paige must have been having a bad dream. Bad dreams... damn. So she had them too. She walked to her bed, feeling like she should do something to help. But what? She tried to search her memories of childhood, if her sisters had ever done something to comfort each other when they had bad dreams...

Paige was having a bit of a weird dream, chasing a shadowy man, aiming a gun at him. She was in an oddly kiltered version of the University. As she tossed and turned in real life, the spunky redhead was being watched by Janice, who had a knife out, contemplating snatching some of that lovely red hair. Janice quickly keyed into the fact that Paige was distraught, however, and decided to figure out how to comfort her. She wasn't sure what to do, however.

Katsuo heard Janice stumbling about, opening Paige's bedroom door (I think, anyhow), and was making his way to the room. Meanwhile, Janice began to feel a familiar presence...that thing she'd seen before, creeping within the walls of the Free City. She began screaming at it, waking Paige up. Paige reasonably freaked out, seeing the knife. The wall by her bed also began to ripple.

As Katsuo busted in, a hand emerged from the wall, settling on Paige's forehead. Janice cut the hand at the wrist, but the hand itself plunged through Paige's skin, darkening her veins. Her vision began to blur and her consciousness began to fade as she surged out of bed, stumbling. Katsuo saw an intruder with a knife, and tackled her. Er, the intruder being Janice. From afar, as Paige screamed for help and started running, she heard Nathan and Eric call back in reply.

Katsuo, Janice, Paige, Nathan, & Eric: Trapped
Janice slowed, then approached Paige with a sudden hesitation. Then she knelt down, reaching out to pat her head, "...Little Red? I's okay, yeh? You still awake?"

"GODS!" Nathan screamed, running. "GET AWAY FROM HER!"

Katsuo looked at Nathan, "What?!"

Paige's head spun, along with her vision.

Janice looked up. "Yeh, yeh, calm down, will ya? Yellin' won't help none. Come 'ere, talk to her."

Everyone gathered around Paige as she collapsed, and Nathan got some moments of sheer panic as she completely fainted. He was then distraught, and everyone else scolded him for being distraught, as they wanted to book it and avoid Commander Rowan's attention. Katsuo and Janice took Paige, and everyone moved to Eric's room.

Paige, meanwhile, woke up in a small room, with a single window, a total void outside...and suspended in the void were strange points of white light, which she had never seen the like of... (er, stars)

Next Time:
The group talks things out, and Paige starts to explore.

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