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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dystopia and Giant Robots: New Faces

Kicking off this session, we brought in a new character, played by a friend whom I'll refer to as Torta. She's the newest out of all of the RPers, having had only a small exposure to roleplaying in general. She's done some extended freeform, but nothing with any semblance of rules. Even though I run Mecha (a rules-lite system) pretty light on the rules, that's still more of a structured game than she's ever played. Torta plays Ivy, a young Godblind who makes her way into the story via an unusual method...

Ivy and Paige: Breaking Out
Ivy grabbed the girl's hand.

"Wha-?!" Paige shook her off, scrambling to her feet.

"I have to go. They can't find me here." Ivy tried to run out the door, but her legs wouldn't go. She sunk down to the floor and started to cry. "Oh my brother, my Charlie! What am I to do with out you?!"

Ivy and her twin brother Charlie were looking for the answers to a school test, when a bold of energy from the gods disintegrated the poor boy, right in front of Ivy's eyes. Dashing out of the room, Ivy opened a door, and Paige collapsed into the room. They both tried to take stock of their surroundings, and then tried to get out.

They couldn't find any immediate way out, as the door led into the kiln room, with no other outlet. That's when the unusual happened. Janice came crashing through the roof. With a little bit of "WHAT KINNA DREAM IS THIS? This is a HORRIBLE dream! Black space of nothin' but NOTHIN', only thing that gives is the damn FLOOR? WHAT? MAKE SENSE NONE IF THIS IS MAKIN'!" Janice blustered through the ceiling, landing in the room with the others.

Ivy was utterly terrified of the gal. Paige tried to calm her, also trying to figure out what was going on. Janice somewhat conveyed the fact that Paige was trapped in some sort of dream of her own, and then she started madly examining the wall. Finally, finding a weak spot with her crazed perceptions, she punched a great big hole. And then, as a shadow grew beneath her, she fell out of the dream, leaving Paige and Ivy to journey on.

Janice, Eric, and Katsuo: Waking Up
"Guuhhh..." She accepted Katsuo's help without another comment, and then leaned against the bed Paige was in. Examining Paige's face, Janice finally spoke, "Welp, she's in there. Dun know how on EARTH she... or what brought her there or... Ahhh, damn. She's someplace weirder then my dreams, that's for sure."

Upon waking, Janice started talking on about what she'd seen in the dream, explaining that Paige's mind was trapped in a sort of replica of the Living City. With no clear way to get Paige out, Katsuo decided that they had to keep them all on the move. He had no inclination of letting Rowan sniff around any more than necessary. Eric was a bit puzzled, questioning what beef he had with the Free City.

Katsuo put things into perspective; as far as he was concerned, the Free City was causing complications of its own. He and Eric got into a mild tiff, with Katsuo continuing to voice his mistrust of the rebellion. Into the midst of all this, Paige (while still asleep) interjected quite the disruptive moment. After a violent twitch, she murmured something imperceptible, and then screamed "NATHAN!! Don't you DARE shoot!" and then fell silent. It was certainly an interesting interjection.

Next Time: we find out why she screamed that.

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