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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dystopia and Giant Robots: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

At this point, Paige's arc took a rather nasty turn, with her facing off against a sort of psychic invader from the walls of the Free City. Now, she was comatose, with the whole group watching over her. The question is: where will this take everyone?

Katsuo, Janice & Eric: Puzzle Pieces
"The puzzle is a new developement. The ghosties seemed to be the start of it. The cancer, whatever, you know? I could feel it. Then fightin' the power and such. Then this jiggin' and jaggin' in my head. And that voice always askin' if someone's there. It's like I'm... formless myself."

Janice, crazie that she was, had some odd inklings about the nature of the thing which had just popped into Paige's head. Nathan had gone off to get some sort of help, and Eric was keeping Paige company as she lay senseless. Katsuo decided to try and figure things out, talking with Janice and attempting to put together her maddened speech into something coherent.

Janice described a "jigsaw puzzle", some sort of consciousness that she'd been aware of in her dreams, that had sought some sort of refuge in Paige's mind, hiding from the Free City. Katsuo, wanting some fresh air, stepped out, while Janice decided to try something novel: going to sleep, to try and get in touch with Paige.

Paige: Trapped:
As she got up on the ledge, Paige caught a sight of what lay beneath it: more stars, and space that seemed to stretch out for an unknown amount.

"I could fall forever..." she thought, a smile glinting in her eyes.

Behind her, a small girl's voice came, distant, intruding into her thoughts. "Help!"

Paige quickly oriented herself with the room that she was in. It wasn't big. There was a door, open a crack, and a window, beyond which were a large number of stars. Of course, she didn't know what stars were, and was greatly intrigued by them. She climbed up into the window itself, and looked out. When she saw the vastness of everything, she did what I didn't expect: she jumped, trying to fall forever.

Well, I could still work with that. As she continued falling, on and on, leaving everything behind, she started to get bored. Not only that, but her innate claustrophobia began to take root. The more it took root, the closer the stars started getting, until it all compressed onto her. She awoke in a dark, familiar room, a kiln from her school's art department, where she had been locked in, a long time ago. She started to panic.

Katsuo: On a Mission
This was supposed to be a relatively easy mission. They should've been at the machine shops, not the barracks. There, you would've had access to the databases giving a clear account on how many protectors were currently active, needed repair, and out of service. "We should focus on finding the ammo stockpiles and fuel supplies. Those are easy to hit and they'll make the most noise when they are hit."

"I can take point." Katsuo said. "Darry stay on my left. Gullin my right. Move slowly and quietly."

The Commander sent Katsuo out on a mission with two other pilots: Darry (a pilot with a calm, sturdy mech) and Gullin (a ruthless fighter). They were supposed to go out and gather reconnaissance information from one of the Protector posts. Sneaking up behind the building, they disembarked, taking the rest of the mission on foot. They headed up to the tech center of the outpost, and (luckily for Katsuo) the only technician there was someone who'd known him.

In the conversation that followed, he dug up some pretty disconcerting information: the gods were setting to move huge amounts of Protector armor, making great numbers of weapons and ammunition, preparing for a full-scale war. They weren't content with keeping the peace. They were making a big enough army to exterminate the Godblind.

Next Time: A new face!

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