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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Unspent: Dark Times

Here's a link to a listing of the Unspent posts, if you're a newcomer to this.

Aaaand, we have a previously-only-seen-once character, Joel, who I believe Leona mentioned as being one member of a Changeling group that stayed in touch across the country. He's shown up at the apartment, as Sharon uncovered word of some more of the Child's doings in the town. So, what does he want, and what help can he offer the group?

Another Crack?
Ivy first asked Joel if he'd heard from Bryce. Joel hadn't, not since the night that they were all supposed to be going drinking, the night where he didn't show. Quite briefly, he then summed up the prison situation for Jake's benefit: there was a Fae Lord, imprisoned, but cracks were forming in the prison, drawing from the power of Glamour generated by unfulfilled desires. Finally, he had this perspective on the cracks: "Anyway, we're keeping an eye on those cracks, because we need to seal them up and bust this Fae up for good."

He wanted to start with the most recent crack, one that apparently had been forming in the theater of the local high school. James Denning, who disappeared in the chapel, was a key figure in the school plays, and since his vanishing, a strange aura of unease had been growing around the theater. An unnatural aura. People were beginning to consciously notice something wrong. Jake was very excited about the prospect of taking on Fae, and at that point, Sharon got another call from the police department.

More Information
Sharon got to the police station, and her co-worker Ed had some interesting stuff for her: a stack of papers, found under a rock in Anette Hauser's yard. The top picture was of a man, sketched out in crayon, with a sack over his head, just like with the Child. Ed let her keep it as evidence to examine, to see if she could figure anything out. She thanked him for the info, and then left.

Meanwhile, Jake started hacking into the school's e-mail accounts. All he could really find was that the teachers were utterly puzzled as to why everyone was getting so nervous around the theater...but he did get that much confirmed, that it was a massive unease. He and Ivy also talked a bit, with Jake befuddled by some of Leona's behavior, her freakouts at points.

Sharon knocked on the door, announcing herself with "Mommy!" She came in, and showed the others the pictures: three men, two women, all drawn with sacks over their heads, all sketched out with the same green crayon. Ivy noted that these corresponded to the persons who had gone missing. At that point, Leona and Bryce walked into the room (from where, nobody noticed exactly), and Jake brought them up to speed. Bryce was interested in investigating, and Leona tensed up at that thought.

But there they were, ready to go investigating...

Next Time
Tension breaks, and count the shadows...

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