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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Friday Stats!

I was trying to find an appropriate image. I don't think I could possibly top that one. I'm also totally sure that whoever ORC is, they didn't anticipate this.

At any rate, I decided that, as a small little filler post, I could run through some fun stats regarding the blog. Not the big, boring ones like Total Hits, I'm talking some slightly-less-standard ones. (Also note: all stats are for this week, and may not reflect actual trends. You know how stats are.)

Most Popular Browser: Firefox, with a whopping 38%; Firefox, Chrome, and IE unsurprisingly make up 86% of my blog's total traffic.
Underdog Browser: For the dubious distinction of lowest-ranking browser, I'm gonna skip past BingPreview (which is apparently just a live preview function of Bing), and name Instapaper at less than 1%, which I discovered was a service which lets you save websites for later.

Most Popular Non-Windows Operating System: Since 70% of my site's traffic is from Windows, I figure I may as well not include it. Next in line, then, is the archrival OS: Macintosh, at 13% of my site's traffic!
Underdog OS: The lowest-ranking OS here was a bit of a surprise: iPod, with a single view. I didn't know those things could read blogs.

Biggest Non-American Country: (I couldn't find a good way to phrase this.) Since 53% of my pageviews are from America, I figured that I would bump down to the next rung, which is...Canada, at 5%! I see you, Canadians!
Underdog Country: Let's not forget Spain, whose readers (well, it may just be one reader) boast roughly 1% of my site's pageviews this week. Seriously, it boggles my mind to consider just how far away some of my readers are.

Finally, we come to my last stat...most popular referral site! For this stat, I chose to exclude forum threads, blogger rings, and (obviously) my own Twitter account. So, with all of those ruled out, I'd like to tip a hat to this week's biggest referrer...

Risus Monkey! (really cool blog, btw, you should check it out)

Thanks all for sticking around!

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