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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So Cool I Had To Link...

Worldbreaker Boss: Bilfaaz the White Dragon (2.0)
The Original Worldbreaker Article

I must say, this is one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time. Gamefiend of the blog At-Will has concocted something up for those 4th Edition solos who aren't much of a match for an entire party working together. He calls this development "Worldbreaker powers", and they represent some sort of significant change that a solo is able to wreak on the environment. It's almost like an alternate mode of gameplay, the one where the monster goes around and tries to lay some major hurt down on the players while protecting itself. Think of it like those moments in a video game where the boss flies around, impossible to hit. It's kinda like that. But not totally.

First, go read the articles. If you haven't read the original Worldbreaker article, do that first. Then, come back here for my commentary.

As you may note, he responded very well to feedback, most notably the problem that Bilfaaz would spend much of his time unhittable, with PCs scrambling around hoping he didn't hit them. What I found ingenious was the addition of skill checks into the mix. First, that there's a sort of "micro skill challenge" involved whenever the Worldbreaker power activates. It makes the skills of the PCs quite relevant even in combat. Second, that skill checks are incorporated into the "fly-by attack", continuing to keep them relevant.

Also important? With this Worldbreaker power, the players can fight back. That's a big deal that doesn't escape notice from the players' end. The flyby attack of Bifaaz relies on an opposed skill check. Fail, and he makes the attack. Succeed, and you get to attack back. Now that's fun. Furthermore, the fighting back also happens to a lesser degree when the power kicks off, since you can use your own skills or powers to work against the effects of the Worldbreaker.

All in all, this looks like not only a memorable solo, but also a competent solo, and one that would make for a very fun bit of play...and the fun's the important part, after all, right?

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