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Friday, March 25, 2011

Links...on a Friday??

That's right, folks. I've decided that I can chunk enough time over to posting on my regular days, as long as I keep to link posts. As for what's been going on over here, I'm designing up a website for a brand shiny new endeavor of mine. More details on that will come along over the next few weeks. Suffice it to say, it should be cool. Also, I've got my senior thesis scripted out, and ready to start filming once the student actors finish performing in Hamlet. For now, to learn the video editing software!

Before Too Much Transpires...Now the Links!
Part 2 of At-Will's series on aquatic adventuring gives a few interesting takes on combat underwater. There's definitely not a cut-and-dry solution here, but rather a toolbox of interesting options, including one rather like classic platforming games.

Dave "The Game" posts on Critical Hits, using Leverage and Mage: The Ascension together to create what appears to be a nifty hybrid, though I haven't played either system. I love seeing system tinkering, though.

Rule of the Dice starts touching on the topic of megadungeons.

Over at Campaign Mastery, have a gander at the the Undead Foe Generator, designed to give some personality to a big bad undead enemy.

Wyatt at Spirits of Eden gives us a glimpse into Copper Coins!'s fighter, which has some pretty cool features.

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