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Friday, May 20, 2011

I Have...Returned

Or so it would seem. College made things a bit hectic, and so I really didn't have much chance to devote time across to this. But now, seeing as this "college" thing has wrapped up...it's time to delve back into this blog! With that said, I figured that it's a good idea to give you, dear readers, an idea on exactly what I'm intending to do, now, with The Player's Side.

  • More regular content. I'm aiming to well and truly keep up the "twice-a-week" schedule this time. That'll probably include "binges" where I pile up a buffer of scheduled content, to carry me through dry periods.

  • Broader scopes of content. I've had a lot of time around various game systems, and I think I'll try and shift the focus away from vague, fuzzy theoretics, and delve into gameplay mechanics that I find to be really cool or interesting.

  • More reviews. Sure, I still don't own a whole lot of game systems, but I've got probably about 10 or so commercial or free games that I could review for you folks. Some older than others, but I never claimed to be current. On that note, I'm also cross-posting reviews to RPG.net...in fact, I've already written one review on A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying. Should help drive up my readership some.

  • Releasing an Alpha Playtest of Paper Empires: Dangerous Tides. I have the pieces, now I just gotta put them together.

So, hopefully all of that sounds remotely interesting. I'm excited to see where it leads!

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